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Tuesday, 04 August 2020


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Slowly rising emotion is always useful to drown out thinking and reasoning.

A republic exists to avoid the tyranny of the majority. 50% plus 1 does not mean right

Kurt Godel would be ashamed of you, SoD. That some people have used rhetoric to cover power grabs does not imply that all people who use similar rhetoric intend the same.

That was an open borders speech on behalf of the EU Remainers.

Spot on JC - take note Glezza!

Even the Bolsheviks demanded a 60% majority before they exterminated the Kulaks or Holodomorized Ukraine.

Not so Blighty and Brexit: 51% and there are no limits - even when every poll since shows less than 50% in favour.

Majoritarianism and Democratic Centralism.
The two dogs wagging all the tails of our times, with Blighty leading the way.


Loz, we British are sophisticated. We do not exterminate. We vote and let the losers exterminate each other before a comeback.

Liberty or Democracy is an excellent question. Another good question: Liberty or Equality? Now "equality" is being subtly replaced with its frail cousin called "equity" and "equitable". Once again the Left is whoring the language to advance its destructive agenda.

Your logic on Brexit is better, SoD:

"BREXIT has sparked a potential ‘brain drain’, researchers have warned after a 30 per cent rise in the number of British citizens leaving the UK for Europe since the referendum vote."

In the 1980's I worked with an English engineer who fled to the US with her mother because of Thatcherism. Apparently the EU looks like a better bet now.

Bob, there is a potential for anything to happen in life. There is a potential exodus of Jews from France and Germany as they are not being protected by their countries. My view is if the so called clever people leave then they can be replaced.


Maybe they can. A growing number of Americans have also moved out:

"The U.S. government doesn’t formally track how many Americans leave the U.S. but the most recent estimate puts the figure at nearly nine million. This figure represents a doubling of the 1999 figure, placed at 4.1 million. The number of expats has more than doubled in the last fifteen years — a number growing faster than the rate of the U.S. population itself."

People are probably voting with their feet.

Bob, maybe over population, fear and lack of government security is a problem. There is no safe place on the planet now. There are nutters on every horizon now telling us how to live our lives.

Bob, the "brain drain" was a phenomenon of the pre-Thatcher 1970's. That process was stopped in its tracks and thoroughly reversed after the 1979 revolution.

By the end of the 1980's Mrs T's decade had resulted in such prosperity Britain was sucking in engineers, doctors, software developers et al from the Commonwealth countries, and then in the 90's from the EU and rest of the world.

The working class had never had it so good too - comedians spotted a worthy target: the plasterer / painter decorator brashly brandishing fresh wads of dosh down at his no longer quite so exclusive golf club ...

Wouldn't that fleeting epoch be welcome to do a nostalgic encore just now, eh?


People are probably voting with their feet

Hahahaha! Voting with their feet to leave America? Is that why the Don built a wall, is it, to keep all the folks in!?

Has JK slipped you a bottle from Them Thar Hills and you've quoffed the bloody lot in one sesh??


My view is if the so called clever people leave then they can be replaced.

Mmm, the Jerry finance industry is still somewhat a shadow of its former self after they, well, you know ...

City of London never looked back, not exactly a silver lining, but at least there's something we've got over them as a consequence of their "replace" project.


Loz, and the British plod on regardless.

My engineer friend did have stories about how bad the '70's were with so many on the dole: For example women buying old tea kettles in second hand shops and artistically smashing them to use as fashion statement purses and something to do. However, she hated Thatcherism and called Maggie "Attila the Hen", among other things.

And your idea Thatcher was an unmixed economic blessing is just wrong. Conservatives over here spout the same myth about Reagan:

"As Britain learnt to come to terms with the idea of "no such thing as society", unemployment shot up under the Conservatives to levels not seen since the Great Depression. The figures show how it lags behind the economy - even after the recession was over, many were unemployed.

The economy

Britain got hit by two major recessions under Thatcher, which sandwiched the boom of the 1980s but even that boom never saw GDP grow by more than a couple of percent."

SoD, I'm between book chapters, so:

It's easy for you to laugh off, but some people have been leaving America because they think the US is in decline, or because they can find greener pastures elsewhere, which is only a shade of difference. That's probably paused for the time being because of our world's worst covid response. Only around 30 countries will let Americans in right now, which is a fairly good indication we actually are in decline. Some also worry that Trump represents the beginning of American fascism. I think those people are drama queens, but I've been wrong before.

Bob's right SoD.

Just as she promised if Trump won Cher packed her kit'n moved to Jupiter.

Hell I'm pretty sure half of Hollywood moved with her.

You can be sure SoD when "the stars" do as they threaten, we're in decline.


Tina Turner beat her to it.

Only because in the first rocket service to Jupiter there was only the one seat in first class and Tina booked earlier Bob.

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