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Sunday, 02 August 2020


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Three of mine are already mentioned but these two warrant a look, though they might be to "manly" in nature for today:

"Heaven Knows Mr. Allison"- WW2 Pacific Theater.
"Open Range"-American Western with classic themes, true back drop and a Irishman as the bad guy....!

You left out "The Cruel Sea", "The Ladykillers", "The Man Who Would Be King" and "Manon des Sources" and more!

I'll go for:

The Big Country

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser


The Missouri Breaks

A Man for All Seasons

Jannie I also pondered upon the first three but Duffers did say only five.

Duffers a fair bit of responsibility for the outbreak of the Lurgi here in my home State of the Islamic Peoples Socialist Republic of Victoriastan must rest with our incompetent bloody "gummint". They completely stuffed up the quarantining of people returning from overseas and allotted the task of enforcing that quarantine to private security firms who had little or no training. Aged care homes also come into the firing line for a lack of care for the most vulnerable in the community. Restrictions you would only expect in wartime have now been put in place in the State.

Responsibility for the problem must also rest with those who knowingly ignored common sense behaviour which would have kept some sort of lid on the WuFlu. Example? Three young women who flew to Melbourne from Brisbane, Queensland, to do a bit of shop lifting and managed to contract the virus and then returned to Brisbane and lied about where they had been. They have now spread the infection in Brisbane.

A bit harsh on government? Not really as the other States have been doing pretty well up to now.

End result is we now have six weeks of restrictions the like of which the current generations have never seen. What will be left of our State's economy at the end of it is anybody's guess.

Blimey, OzD, I never want to hear the epithet "whinging pom" again! ...

When you've got the highest excess death rate in the world, the yerdie-derble neighbours just over the water from you with a negative excess death rate i.e. more people living longer than usual, so much so their bloody funeral directors are asking for a gummint bail-out coz not enough people are dying ...

... and then to rub it in, some brain-dead moron flying a Spitfire over your house with "Thank U NHS" painted on its underside ...

... then, as the official whinger of all whinging poms, you have my permission to whinge!


Any and all of James Bond films. Armageddon. The Quiet Man. The Last of the Mohicans. Mrs. Miniver.
There are more.

AussieD. It is not as bad as the conditions our boys had in the trenches. Do Aussies moan as much as the Scottish?

Not moaning folks.

Just telling it as it is.

Jimmy there were over 295,000 Aussies in France in WW1 - all volunteers.

The Longest Day
(Quirky) Harold and Maude
The Personal History of David Copperfield (Because I saw it on Saturday and loved it.)
Dark Star.

The Pelican Brief
Clockwork Orange
Manchurian Candidate
Pulp Fiction
Apocalypse Now

Haven't seen that one but think I will: noted a bunch above I'd agree with (most all actually).

Outlaw Josey Wales
Little Big Man
No Country For Old Men

Open Range is previously mentioned.

(Up2L8 you likely heard a bunch of "traffic" at about the time you may've been expecting we'd leave there - fortunately for us her Ladyship ordered I delay to get her a sammich. Sometimes I suppose she's smarter than I generally credit.

I put eyes on, personally, six heloes but there may've been a couple more. Terrible scene.)


Yes, wondered what was going on. So far nothing on the news, should be buzzing (the media, maybe me too) by early morning. Best chance will be the radio. I'll also check the bulletin.


We stopped with your MH guys (well three of 'em anyway) at the 'orange bricked red lettered place' across the street from where our final destination on the route as we described ended. Nothing was happening in your county but when we got 4.7 into ours the shit had already (for the most part) hit the fan and as we were in our personal and not even medically kitted 'our guys' just waved us past.

'Our guys' saw we were loaded and I suppose 'some person' in the know ensured we were waved without even, asking we relay comms - but as I mention there was a bunch of aircraft.

It looked like the scene had been exciting but whether the likes of a group of 'Bob's Likemindeds' figured they could do the same in our state as they'd done in theirs they figured wrong.

Terribly wrong.

In receipt of your private as I'm typing this - tired very soon to bed.

I Know Where I'm Going.
Blazing Saddles.
The Producers
The King's Speech.

So many once you start to think about it, many already mentioned.

I would like to have squeezed in High Noon, Once Upon A Time In The West /America, Airplane, It's A Mad,Mad,Mad World.
Notice there are none of the more recent, thoroughly deverse, box office hit blockbusters.

AussieD, does this describe you right?

I would like to add “Winter’s Bone” and “The Blues Brothers” to the list.

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