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Monday, 17 August 2020


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That may help some David in furthering your "hoodat?" and it's black press no less.

And as that poll was conducted post VP pick maybe it'll clear some of your 'dithers' Some, I say but definitely not all your dithers.

One thing I sincerely hope you do not do is 'Proclaim a Winner' given your exceedingly terrible record where 'the predicting business' is concerned.

That is unless you're gonna let Joe sniff your hair.

In her name, the stress goes on the 'Dipstick'.

She is a descendant of a man who owned hundreds of slaves in Jamaica. That is the source of family wealth.

The accent is on "Ka", unless you're a Republican operative trying to make her sound more Indian and foreign. Trump has already tried recycling birtherism on her. And "people are saying" maybe she doesn't qualify to be VP under the Constitution even though he knows nothing about that, he just heard. He also blathers she's too conservative for black people because she was a prosecutor and AG while also saying she's a wild-eyed leftist. He'll probably have to settle for a nickname; maybe Gunga KaMAla.

Bob, my concern about the Democrats is they will if elected shit on UK trade deals and fall behind the EU. Obama forgot who were the allies during WW2 and insulted our veterans when he said the UK should join the Q for trade deals.

"Trump has already tried recycling birtherism on her."

Just as Hillary was the first to lay the "birtherism" charge to Trump's attention the latest was first brought to his attention via that notoriously right wing rag Newsweek.

But keep right on Bob, we're enjoying the show you're so dependable at, clutching at straws blown in a hurricane.

Yo Bob!

There's ya one you'll enjoy in its entirety!

(Well at least to the 45 minute mark at which I am - However if only because Charles Cooke rather than Rich Lowry is conduting the interrogation I reckon you'll enjoy it all the way.)

Incidentally, how all this mess is gonna end up as Andy's postulating I, personally, can live with.

What Kamala represents: 100 years ago this month in Poland.

Today's Marxist uprising is in America's cities with the tacit support of her political party.

Newsweek has apologized for the article:

“In an editors note attached at the top of the piece on Friday, Newsweek’s editors said they had “entirely failed” to anticipate how the piece would be “interpreted, distorted and weaponized.”

The note added: “This op-ed is being used by some as a tool to perpetuate racism and xenophobia. We apologize.”

The idea Harris is a Marxist is just bonkers.

By the way, several Republicans endorsed Biden and Harris during their virtual convention last night. They included Ohio Governor John Kasich, California businesswoman Meg Whitman, former New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman and former New York congresswoman Susan Molinari. Molinari was a real surprise. She used to show up often on political talk shows just to show off how many of Newt Gingrich's mean words she could use. If she's campaigning against Trump, he's got a problem.

By the way Bob, might you know whether any of those "several Republicans" would've been included amongst that number of Republicans who, some few years ago proudly included themselves as those "Never Trumpers" and which group of "several Republicans" remain so?

"Molinari was a real surprise" I suppose to some who haven't been paying attention?

"Newsweek has apologized for the article" well they would wouldn't they?

Just wouldn't do to have a repeat such as the NYT had on its hands when the staff reporters revolted and senior people got cancelled.

Even vested members of long standing in Dem-media have trouble "moving on" after they've got cancelled.

There ya go Bob, and do please, pay attention.

Stress the KA as in Caca . . .

Kinda a funny for ya Dip.

Though for this one to work you may have to get on youtube to get the joke that's "the music" of Boy George.

Anyway a grandson of mine emailed me a take some jokester created using the rendition of Boy's Karma Chameleon (sorry unable to link) anyway there's this part that I guess would be what one might call the chorus at which point the jokester substitutes Boy's repetitive "Karma karma karma" with "Kamala Kamala Kamala."

I thought (after getting over both and at the same time, being sick at the sight of Boy and the "singing" of 'Kamala Kamala') it was pretty doggone effective and emailed a response conveying my suggestion that the bit become more widely available.

I can't say whether the jokester was aware of all the implications of tying Kamala's first name to the surname 'Chameleon' but there is that.

There's a version featuring just the lyrics without the image of Boy George so you can probably avoid the puking I endured.


I don't know what you think you found in the NYT article. Google hired Molinari, "once a close ally of Newt Gingrich," to lobby Republicans. Because she's still tight with a lot of Republicans. Pay attention yourself.


When Google buys a politician (vehicle) that politician stays bought.

Read your car's owner's manual Bob.

You'll find when you rotate your steering clockwise your vehicle heads right, counterclockwise heads the vehicle left.

The owner chooses direction not the vehicle.


That's really Zen. Think I'll pass on reading my car manual though. The damn thing must be 500 pages.

Lordy Bob, just 500 pages?

GM presented me two DVDs on my most recent acquisition.

She is a descendant of a man who owned hundreds of slaves in Jamaica. That is the source of family wealth.

Just like Obama then.

Those Dems just can't get slave ownership, segregation, and then privilege bribery out of their leadership and agenda, can they?

When will they ever value each person equally irrespective of race, ethnicity, or other exploitable or bribable distinguishing feature?


What do you have against the ownership class, SoD? Many of them believe in the liberty to screw everyone else.

The ownership class acknowledges law and the rules of the game, Bob.

The "state of nature", as Hobbes put it, is long behind us. The ownership class knows that for the "enterprise Olympics", aka the market, to function there must be rules and an umpire. They, and we, all benefit from that.

And while we're on the subject of "ownership class" and "they" and "we", is there any difference between "they" and "we" these days? I recall a figure that says 75% of the stock market is owned by pension funds today, not chest-thumping "greed is good" capitalists.

We are they. So Marx was right, the state would "wither away" and we would all become capitalists, with our bank accounts, debts, property and investments, full-on balance sheet managers with net worth. We're all capitalists now, just as Marx predicted.

Don't blow it all with a regressive and reactionary step backwards to the first phase of Marxism: socialism.

Rather, now we are nearly all middle class anyway, carry those few left behind with dignity to the same status using Funded Libertarianism. Cover the Big 8 for everyone in a voucher UBI. Leave the state out of it as Marx predicted and Libertarians advised.

Job done. Two jobs done in fact. Because the third stage of Marxism, as elucidated by yours truly, is the automation stage: more and more middle class people will be cut back into the "left behind" class again as automation makes more of us economically unviable in employment. Output will continue to rise but the demand will be choked off as more fall into the employment unviable class.

This is already happening, which is why printing money is not inflationary: the deflationary pressures of output exceeding demand out-weigh the printing, that's all too clear right now.

Instead of ploughing newly minted cash into retrograde socialist projects, stream it into voucher UBI for the Big 8 for starters. Add iThingies, foreign holidays, and ten pints of lager on a Saturday night as cash UBI later as the automation machine kicks into deeper action.

Second job done.


So then, you're a Marxist. That's like being a Freudian. It's a philosophy from the past that's long been discredited. We know a lot more about human nature (sociology), and economics now. The world as you imagine it doesn't exist. You might consider reading some books from this century.

Bob, this past 40 years seems like people are constantly moaning about their hard life stories and not doing much to work and help themselves. They seem to think they are entitled to a meal ticket and someone else should pay. When I was young the USA had a reputation for hard work and people making a good life. Seems many of your people want others to carry them throughout life, just like the UK! Maybe it is time you gave the BLM mob a separate State and see if they can survive.


What's changed over here is the post war economy ran out of steam. When I was just out of high school I could wake up on any morning and get a job in a factory that same day for well above a living wage. I was able to work my way through college by saving then working summers.

It's nothing like that now. The jobs inexperienced kids can get often don't even pay minimum wage, and in a lot of states, like Indiana, that hasn't gone up since 2009 ($7.25 = £5.53 /hr). No one could make much of a living or save anything on that. Most people still work hard, but for many it's impossible to get anywhere. It's only going to get harder as overseas workers and robots take more jobs.

"I was able to work my way through college by saving then working summers."

Right Bob and so then the obvious response, from a government point of view is to, make more "government money" in the form of grants (or whatever form government comes up with) available?

As I recall Bob you're an engineer or somesuch?

"The jobs inexperienced kids can get often don't even pay minimum wage."

The obvious solution to that Bob is to, 'get 'em young and steer 'em into gender studies on the government dime.'

The robots we know is soon gonna be gluing up pvc joints and plunging our toilets when the robots can't even get facial recognition right.

When do you expect Bob you'll be hiring a robot the next time you need a plumber?

Sooner'n you'd call on a gender studies "Doctor" to come over and plunge your toilet Bob, reckon such a PhD as that would even know how to plunge?

You're right about manufacturing, Bob ...

Manufacturing output has increased in the UK since 1978, but it's done it with 60% less workforce.

UBI has got to come for those who have no value in employment any more. Their greatest value is their buying power and their procurement skills. The buying power because without it there's no income for the automation machine that supplies all the goods and services. Their procurement skill because they were, are, and always will be better than the state procurement teams who've wrecked industries across Blighty since 1945. The automation machine needs keeping honest and to be steered by the consumer, not some halfwit bureaucrat.

You may not be worthwhile as a producer. Some people are born worthless, and more will be as time goes on, in this regard. It's not their labour but their buying that makes the Operational Olympics of the market complete. Without wedged up punters the market doesn't work, the supply has nowhere to go. Deflation ensues as less money chases more goods and services.

So if they can't work for the wedge then: print and be damned.

It's not Keynesian, btw, before you accuse me of that too Bob, but rather good old Friedmanite Monetarism. Monetarism has a reverse gear as well as forward. This is Monetarism's reverse gear moment.


JK, About 100 million workers are in the service sector including hotel, restaurant and other workers that make minimum wage or less. How many plumbers do you think the economy can support?


SoD, if I were still working I'd probably be helping make robots.

Who, or what, is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris will serve as the Democrats leading attack dog. She will be able to attack President Trump in ways others could not. And when President Trump or supporters respond they will be labeled racist, misogynist and bigots.


While monetarism has proven useful, Friedman was never an inspiring figure. What is it about right wingers that they love dictators so much?:

"The Chicago Boys were a group of Chilean economists prominent around the 1970s and 1980s, the majority of whom were educated at the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger, or at its affiliate in the economics department at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Upon their return to Latin America they adopted positions in numerous South American governments including the military dictatorship of Chile (1973–1990). As economic advisors, many of them reached high positions within those."



Everything would be just peachy without all that darn political correctness, eh? If you haven't noticed, Trump really is a racist, misogynist and bigot, not to mention criminal. Yesterday another one of his "associates" got busted. Steve Bannon and three of his pals are in custody for fraud. It's hilarious he was ripping off enthusiasts of the border wall. That's how it's always worked. The party of oligarchs baits you with culture war then steals you blind.

Are you dyslectic, Bob?

Sorry about the spelling, meant dyslexic.


I'm so use to complaints I failed to give credit for solid analysis when due.

I see it still went over your head.

You are exaggerating and being hyperbolic. You are fixating on Trump's annoying personality and basing all of your decisions to support Biden based on how much you dislike Trump. You don't even know what Trump is going to come back with to counter Biden's plans for this country. And you really don't care because you have already made up your mind based on the four-year animus you have generated in your mind.

If you want to prove Trump is unfit for the office, then actually do it. Don't go through hyperbolic tirades, or continue to jump through mental hoops to make it seem as though something is wrong.

But, then again you are one for flooding pages with useless information and claiming that it means something.

Trump has proven himself to be a pathological liar, criminal, ignoramus, incompetent and un-American to the point of treasonous. The Republican-led Senate agrees on that last point:

"Trump campaign’s Russia contacts ‘grave’ threat, Senate says"

And now that the SDNY has access to Trump's tax returns, things are going to get really interesting.

You're right. I've no great respect for Biden, but at least he's a normal human being. I'd vote against Trump no matter who's at the top of the Dem ticket. It doesn't take any imagination to anticipate what he would do with four more years, and there's a chance the country wouldn't survive it.

If Obama had done one thousandth the dirty deals Trump has, you'd be in a lather. Partisanship at that level is mad.

Bob, until the Covid Chinese 19 Trump was doing trade deals and securing your borders. What has he done wrong?


He hasn't personally been found legally guilty of anything, but it's only a matter of time now. His constant lying about covid (it's a hoax, the flu, it's going to disappear like magic, etc.) instead of actually doing anything has no doubt caused tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. His acceptance of campaign help from a hostile foreign power (see the above Senate investigation) is treasonous or near treasonous. He's run a criminal enterprise surrounded by gangsters:

And he's been letting off other rich criminals:

"The average annual number of white collar defendants was down 26% to 30% for Trump’s first three years in office from the average under President Barack Obama, according to data from the Justice Department and Syracuse University, respectively. The trend also shows up in fines on corporations, which fell 76% from Obama’s last 20 months to Trump’s first 20 months, according to Duke University law professor Brandon Garrett."

Right wing outlets don't list his crimes, but even Fox News admitted people believe he's a criminal:

"A new high of 45 percent of independents favor impeachment, up from 38 in late October.

Overall, 53 percent of voters believe Trump abused the power of his office, 48 percent think he obstructed Congress, and 45 percent say he committed bribery."

More lately:

"Article 1: Negligence, leading to the deaths of thousands of Americans, in the handling of the novel coronavirus.

Article 2: Abuse of law enforcement powers, including both the use of force against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square and in Portland, Oregon.

Article 3: Abuse of appointment power in seeking retribution against those who testified against him during the impeachment hearings.

Article 4: Abuse of power in foreign affairs. This includes both his willingness to ignore China’s treatment of the Uighurs in exchange for help with farmers during trade negotiations as well as the fact that he has totally ignored Russia placing bounties on the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Article 5: Abuse of power for personal enrichment in asking the ambassador to Britain to steer the British Open golf tournament to a Trump-owned resort in Scotland.

Article 6: Abuse of reprieve and pardon power in commuting the sentence of Roger Stone.

Article 7: Undermining faith in the electoral process by lying about fraud associated with mail-in ballots and a refusal to commit to abiding by the results of the election."

My 5-year old grand daughter says more or less the same as you Bob. When I asked her why she didn't like Donald Trump - she said - "I just don't like him". A bit more economical than you but roughly the same.

Well BOE it just may be your 5-year old grand daughter had seen video of the author Bob's citing for his 'Articles of Impeachment' performing the skills she's actually "qualified" to perform. Teach juveniles stuff.

Age 5's for sure juvenile but then it's also true that some people never quite manage to grow up and for that 'Miss Nancy' as her actual students refer to her in class when Miss Nancy isn't penning fanciful articles like that June piece - a clerkship for Justice Ginsberg is definitely not amongst her qualifications as listed on Miss Nancy's personal professional achievements profile pages - but her holding a Master's in Family Therapy features prominently.

Oh. Too there's indications her bachelor's in psychology qualifies her to do some therapy counseling in some states Indiana being but one of the six she lists as being 'licensed' in.

Maybe that's where our resident Expert-In-All-Things got acquainted with Miss Nancy, either he or she or maybe even both, on the couch dreaming up especially that *Article 4 whopper.

My advice BOE?

Monitor strictly what your five year old is watching on the children's educational channels. There's some real junkers out there.

That's Miss Nancy's previous article for that publisher in it she observes, "David Remnick, who interviewed Obama not long after the 2016 election, reminded us of how the former president initially gave Trump the benefit of the doubt."

"Benefit of the doubt" huh?

As recorded for posterity (or something to do with 'posterior' more precisely - Ed) by Susan Rice following the meeting she, Biden, Comey, Yates, and Obama held the day of Trump's inauguration wherein the email recorded The President ordered the investigation must be done 'by the book!' that "benefit of the doubt" that IG Horowitz during sworn Congressional testimony talked about?

That "benefit of the doubt" Obama set into motion when his IC apparatus set into motion back in 2015 that IG Durham is investigating (and just last week resulted in FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty as charged) here five full years later?

Some "benefit of the doubt" I'd be tempted to say. The word I'd actually use is one I already have in relation to what Miss Nancy has to say is


Sure, Mussolini made the trains run on time, I'm just like a 5 year old, and anyone who admits Trump is incompetent and criminal just doesn't like him personally. Have you guys joined Qanon yet?

"Have you guys joined Qanon yet?"

Totally unnecessary Bob. (And just between the two of us Bob my opinion of the "Q Stuff" is eerily similar to much of the stuff you "helpfully" provide us links to for our perusal.)

Perhaps all the false flags are all just in cahoots so as to have all of us on all sides - and on the sidelines - doing what bored dogs do to [either] get their owner's attention/amuse themselves after the lawnmowers have inadvertently run over the dogs' tennis ball?

"What's this about what dogs do?" I hear you plaintively ask Bob.

Chase their tails Bob.

But we don't have to do that Bob oh nosiree - all we have to do is actually read all these IG reports that detail Prez BozObama's Gang's shenanigans and otherwise mischiefs.

I think that's called "deflection" JK.


Somehow I was figuring on you coming back with 'whataboutism' or somesuch as that. You gotta get with it Bob, you're so 20th century.


I watched Donnie and the Fear Freaks perform at the Republican convention last night. Holy crap. That bunch could really use some anti-psychotic meds.

Well Bob that can't be helped now. The meds shortage I mean.

You see the DNC convention was last week and in the interim all those players went in for their checkups and got six months supplies each.

And now China claims "The resupply is on its way."

"So what's the problem now then JK?" I hear you ask Bob.

Slow boat Bob. From China.

It's amusing that this enormously productive discussion is happening under the quotation on our host's masthead:

"That one can convince one’s opponents with printed reasons, I have not believed since the year 1764. It is not for that purpose that I have taken up my pen, but rather merely to annoy them, and to give strength and courage to those on our side, and to make it known to the others that they have not convinced us.”

G.C. Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799), courtesy of 'Deogolwulf'

Clearly there is an unbridgeable chasm here; we look at the same objective world and see two completely different things. Each side thinks the other is (at best) ensorcelled and deluded, or, more and more these days, consciously malevolent. Each side seems to think the other is going to wreck America if they get, or keep, their hands on the levers of power. (I certainly do.) Each side believes the other side is committed to a vision of the role of government that violates basic axioms about human happiness and flourishing. Rapprochement, or even grudging cooperation, is more and more obviously impossible in a coming-apart that has become total political war, and is already beginning to continue by other means in city after city. One side looks at Donald Trump and sees a patriotic president who has been remarkably effective despite four years of scandalous persecution; the other sees a devil in the flesh.

But yes, do keep posting links! I'm sure if we keep at it long enough it'll all work out.

Or, we could each just do what we think needs doing, and the chips will fall where they fall.

This podcast, on which I'm just on the first segment, I'm thinking is gonna be the best [fairest] critique any media is going to be providing.

Krystal Ball who's been on Hill TV's show the longest duration was formerly with MSNBC.

Saagar Enjeti I'm unfamiliar with in the main except that I've seen him on the McLaughlin Report "aligned" on Patrick Buchanan's "side" (but not really).

One explanation for the sturm und drang we might agree on:

Ah yes, Bob:

CNN's Christiane Amanpour introduces a long-haired academic who's just published an article in Rolling Stone explaining that Donald Trump is responsible for the death of American greatness.

What's not to agree on? Just the sort of thing to bring us all together.


You seem to have missed anything that isn't a pet peeve. The main points are that the world has changed since the 1950's and empires die. Not everything has to do with Trump.

Practice what you preach, Bob.

Your the one that made it about President Trump.

17 August 2020 14:18

"The main points are that the world has changed since the 1950's and empires die."

I've not revisited this thread in abit Bob, so what's the clip's significance other than it's being just another review of Edward Gibbon?


Yes, of course civilizations die. (Duh.) Sometimes they are overwhelmed by war or natural catastrophe, and other times it's just the old familiar cycle that thinkers from Polybius to Spengler and beyond have described. (We're watching it happen before our eyes.)

That this happens is, to put it mildly, not a groundbreaking insight; even some people who don't subscribe to Rolling Stone or watch CNN know all about it.

So I remarked on the more salient point - that it took Ms. Amanpour's guest less than 60 seconds to slander Donald Trump. (Imagine my surprise.)

But hey, that's life during wartime.


Monkey see monkey do. Actually I posted a video just because JK did. I saw it a few days ago browsing YouTube. I wasn't thinking of Trump at all. Did you know Britain reached its peak geographical area in 1935? I didn't. You guys sure are touchy.


Things have changed even more since 476.


And the fax has been around since 1843.


476 is better'n I figured you'd retort me however

"Experts" as we've been recently reminded differ.

Still, I'd must admit, being in the mid-part of whichever century is (probably) worth a cigar. Hand grenade effective but still not, in my opinion, a three pointer.


Thanks for the benefit of your historical expertise.

Left uncommented upon.

"He hasn't personally been found legally guilty of anything, but it's only a matter of time now."

"Article 4: Abuse of power in foreign affairs. This includes both his willingness to ignore China’s treatment of the Uighurs in exchange for help with farmers during trade negotiations as well as the fact that he has totally ignored Russia placing bounties on the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan.",Uyghur%20Autonomous%20Region%20(XUAR).

Curiouser and curiouser.

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