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Sunday, 16 August 2020


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David it is good to see you up and functioning. Now my third cup of coffee tastes better. It is hard to laugh when the makings of the Russian Revolution and China 1949 are joining up again as if the 20th century never happened. Right on our own doorsteps. Ignorance of history.

B12, folic acid, and iron orally for a month.

Blood tests, if not ok, B12, folic acid, and iron jabbed into your arse.

That'll sort you and you'll get your brain back again.

"Normal" service can be resumed.


It seems that refusing to wear a mask identifies you as a rabid brexiteer.

By the way, vitamin b-12 shots are no longer made into your backside.

BOE,I had to enter my nurse, sorry the back of the surgery to get my nurse to inject my B12 during June this year. The jab is is now given in alternate upper arms on a three monthly basis. I am assured that I can enter the surgery by the front door for my August injection.

Jimmy, I didn't figure you for a backdoor man?

Duffers you need a project of some sort to keep the grey matter turning over.

Because we can do sweet bugger all here in the Peoples Islamic Socialist Republic of Victoriastan under our glorious leader Chairman Dan while the Wuflu rages and we are all confined to barracks I decided that the family collection of photographs stretching back to the 1850's needed attention and so I am digitizing them all.

A big job but fascinating and keeps the brain cells active and has given my grand-children a real buzz to see images of long gone relatives.

Read books. Take walks. Cook. Watch TV. Listen to music. Wear a mask just to be courteous. No one thinks you're a brave individualist for not. Most of all stop whining.

One of the fellows you'll be supporting Bob?

Sure, JK, but only because Eldridge Cleaver and Bobby Seale are out of the game. You know, like George Wallace.

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