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Tuesday, 29 September 2020


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I'll "exert" from over here David as best as I am able.

(And actually, just so's you know, I've already 'long been in touch' with folks who, it is purported, have the President's ear! My 'thinking' is, we shall soon find out.)

How's about a snappy title is the BoJoDonTrum Accordances strike your fancy as you will?

If not particularly forthsooming I'm open to suggestions.

Could he have been right?

A deal with the EU is a deal with the devil. I would have thought that 900 years of dealing with people who don't basically like you for whatever reason would have been something to go by.

After all the argy-bargy to get yourselves out of that corruptocracy it is difficult to believe that Britain would even consider some sort of compromise.

Just for a what might have been

"people who don't basically like you"

i.e. The French.

The EU deal is indicative that BoJo thinks doing "deals" with everyone to replace the 70 or so deals the EU had on our behalf is the way forward.

Blighty will never get the kind of arrangements the EU had, not just because we don't have the clout of 400 million people but because we've got no negotiators with any track record to make those 70 deals in a finite timespan anyway.

Freeport Blighty: Unilateral zero tariffs under WTO terms and conditions and acceptance of foreign standards in Blighty with all our friends and allies, is the only way forward for an island nation like Blighty.

Singapore-on-Thames or death.


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