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Sunday, 20 September 2020


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From a British point of view, though, things are far clearer. Trump is unquestionably the more Anglophile candidate. He identifies strongly with his Scottish mother, and sometimes describes himself as half-British.

This would be the point of view of Brits with their heads firmly planted in their rectums. Trump identifies with Trump. If Brexited Brits expect special treatment from him as an American client state, they're very likely to be disappointed.

The question is, Bob, would Biden be more sympathetic to Britain than Trump?

David, since Trump is incapable of feeling sympathy, I'd have to say probably.

David, when you even hint The Don isn't perfect in all ways, his cult of personality takes it as blasphemy. That might be why it's so quiet in the comment section. As for Boris, he has his hands full with other matters at the moment:

I'll disturb the quiet Bob.

Looking from outside the USofA and unencumbered with Republican/Democratic party political prejudices it is my humble opinion that despite his excentricities Donald Trump has achieved far more than his slick talking predecessor.

And as you have only two choices Donald Trump is a far better prospect than Joe Biden who has difficulty in putting two words together coherently and whose running partner espouses dangerous and divisive ideals.

The US has more chance of surviving as a nation still based on its founding ideals under Trump than under Biden and his puppet masters.

It's quiet in the comments section Bob, simply, because you're dependable.

Cross fingers for No Deal followed by Michael "the bastard" Gove Jan 1.

The "last chance Saloon" candidate for Blighty.

Not that I have the faintest idea what he's got planned for Brexit Blighty, but only because I know exactly what BoJo and Starmer have got planned for Blighty.


Given the Ukrainian and Chinese directorships Biden's son acquired during his Vice Presidency, I think it is Biden confuses public and private interest.


As an Aussie, which Trump accomplishments do you think are most important?

For what it's worth, I don't think Biden would destroy the country any more than Trump would. And Pence also has some ideas that could be considered un-American. He's an extremist theocrat of a sort. I live in the state he governed, which is a "red" state, and his approval rating was in the toilet. He accepted the VP slot when no other Republican would because he had no chance of being re-elected.


With Biden saying there is no chance of a trade deal if Boris re-jigs the UK's departure from Europe, it stands to reason that Trump - for all his faults - would be an infinitely better choice for us Brits than Biden... and yes, both presidential candidates are ghastly.


Since Boris claims his deal will protect the Good Friday agreement, I'm not sure what the argument's about. If you'd rather take your chances with the sharks around Trump it's certainly your choice, but it's probably a distinction without a difference:

"U.S. President Donald Trump's special envoy to Northern Ireland, Mick Mulvaney, also warned against "creating a hard border by accident," telling here the Financial Times that the Trump administration and Congress were aligned in their desire to preserve the 1998 Good Friday Agreement's border prohibitions."

Bob, The UK has no intention of implementing a hard border. It is the EU who will implement it. Do remember the Irish Republic must follow orders from the EU. When the Irish Republic/EU stop vehicles and people going in either direction to or from Northern Ireland then the EU dictatorship will be exposed.

G’day Bob,

As an Aussie looking in to the US from the outside my assessment of his achievements is positive in so much as, amongst other things, he has achieved the following.

Not necessarily in order;

He put Iran back in its box and has caused them to back off on much of their beligerance - something his predecessor screwed up.

Black and Hispanic unemployment rates have dropped as a result of his policies.

The US economy was, prior to the Covid eruption, going up.

US reliance on overseas petroleum is diminishing.

The US embassy in Israel has been moved to the Israeli capital - again something his predecessors talked about but never did.

He has identified the issue of illegal immigrants into the US. No nation wishing to retain control of its economy and security can allow the uncontrolled entry into its territory.

He has called China out for what it is, a corrupt dictatorship with a desire to dominate others by force if it can’t get its way by other means.

Unlike the Democrats he has called out BLM and Antifa for what they are - disruptive ideological enemies of a free nation

Finally he is not a career politician which is an enormous plus. The likes of Pelosi, Biden and a host of others have never had a job where they put their own money on the line to generate an income for themselves and their fellow citizens. Our own State Premier is one of those - university to party official to member of parliament to Premier and it shows in his lack of understanding of what makes a free market economy work.

As for the Democrats I am highly suspicious of a political organization who would put forward a candidate like Biden who is obviously mentally deteriorating and has trouble putting two words together in logical sequence.

I for one shudder to think what would happen to your nation should the Democrats get into the White House.

I have been to the US many times, both in my time in HM’s service, and as a tourist and have a deep admiration of the country and its ethos. I have no time for the bloody minded socialist ideals of the Democrats.

What OzD said.


Democrats haven't been this angry and pathologically broken since they lost their slaves. Why, among all their new threats and blackmail, they may just finally secede. Again. Some are threatening, again, to flee to Canada. Not Mexico?

Whitewall, only the Democrats involved in drug dealing will move to Mexico the rest will try and move to Canada. Just thinking Whitewall is there any US State that could hold and contain Democrats that has sufficient psychological experts to deal with them on a face to face basis?


Thanks for responding. A lot of the programs you list have been ongoing for decades, but Trump deserves his share.

Jimmy, no there isn't as most psychologists are probably in the same mental condition. The "soft sciences" attract lefties like ants to a picnic.

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