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Sunday, 27 September 2020


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This Constitutional requirement has set some people's nerves on edge. Too many of those people are already way over the edge. Wile y Coyote over the edge.

More than 'something' to that.

I've been long advising the folks I'm in contact with, 'all Biden has to do' is be is "with it" better'n he's been characterized ... caricatured.

Trump, in my humble opinion, better get off his ass and familiarize himself with Biden's forty years of zero accomplishments.

Well zero so far as the voting public's concerned. Where the credit card companies and "big Wall Street" is concerned (benefiting his debate opponent dangerously)

Biden's actually accomplished quite a bit.

Buy popcorn futures.

"Trump... better get off his ass and familiarize himself with Biden's forty years of zero accomplishments." - JK

Oh ye of little faith!
Btw, and FYI~~~ I have it on good authority that the Donald is rarely seated, save for Landings, Takeoffs, and Limo rides... with reference to his debate plans, I've heard that 'The Boss' will be monitoring Biden's Teleprompters and Script -- just in case the Great Modern Plagiarist, and all-around liar, muffs his lines! Fear not, Fosdick!

With sincere empathy, for our Host's read-less affliction, I was delighted to see the update in the 'rumble'. That his muses, (I suspect) have uncovered a wee tome for his edification and rejuvenation! Further, I am glad to learn that periodic 'reports' will follow to inform US stateside Duff readers viz the Lincoln Bio progress.

One last thing I'd like to share is a childhood memory I have, sparked again here, sitting in the kitchen w/ my mother, and I reading the tag on her tea bag: It read as I recall, "No one has a good enough memory to be a good liar." I turned the tag over to find out who said it... "Abraham Lincoln", that pearl, kept me on the straight and narrow for quite a while! ;)
Best regards,
On Watch~~~

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