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Thursday, 17 September 2020


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Funny, part of Obama's sorry legacy is this "woke" dystopian culture. Free people had better "wake" fast. Wokeness becomes mental illness. Maybe magnesium helps?

Or, just maybe Whitewall, in addition to magnesium throw a little white phosphorus into the mix - southern way southern style. Gee howdy!

JK n' WW too,
donee ferget to,
add a wee bit o'zink.
Up all Hands turn 2 ships woke~~~

If you just can't get enough of the concept, subscribe to Hulu:

Good to see you here OW.

Even if Bob isn't, even in a million years gonna

See your zink and raise D.

But then JK being JK JK'd be more'n likely to bump it up a max B-Complex and hope you'd call that as well.

Bob's been, so far as JK knows, the only guy's been affected by the Chinee Crud, so far as any of us are aware, as I've heered.

But then, the good Lord does need His willing test subjects &
Which, seeing as Bob volunteered guineaing piggishly suits me at least, plumb fine.

"Proof of concept" so they say.

By George and all the Saints, there sure is some lingo on this 'ere site, eh what?

Was that a rap you just did there, JK?

Is it even possible to rap in a Southern accent do you think? Let's have a looksie ...

Well who'd a thunk it? It's all the rage.

Thank the Lord for the internet.


No surprise, SoD. Southerners taught most American black people how to talk.


I know several other people who've had covid. It probably has to do with living in a relatively dense population. You know, a civilized place.

Southerners taught American Black people how to sing, too:

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