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Thursday, 10 September 2020


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I think the government will stand firm in Brexit. It is a matter they have been pursuing for years, long before becoming the government, and the only reason we got stuck with the withdrawal agreement was Parliamentary arithmetic.
I wish they had someone with a cool head and some knowledge of the subject to deal with Covid, instead of the panicked scaremongering and totally misnamed SAGE who appear to have scared the government out of its mind. Perhaps Lord Ridley could be brought in for the purpose.

That means DomBo will have to formally withdraw from the WA under whatever arrangements there are to do so legally, revert to a disorderly exit from the EU, and thence onto WTO terms.

That means no trade deal with the US unless Trump gets in and dominates both houses. It means no trade deal with the EU with little or no chance in the future due to ill will.

It also gives the Paddies carte blanche to kick-off the troubles again, with the EU and, if Biden gets in, the US, as their covert allies.

Do you really think DomBo has got the balls to stand that much alone?

It might mean DomBo waits to see the outcome of the US election. If Trump cleans up and offers to hold off the Paddy fraternity in the US, then maybe. But that will come at a mighty price from the Don. But if Pelosi and crew are dealt even half of a hand, let alone a full house, I doubt DomBo will find a pair between them to follow through on a clean break.

Then we will be in the worst of all possible worlds: full-fat BRINO. Taking EU rules and regs without our political input, and with no single market and four freedoms to protect us from Westminster with real freedoms of choice as individuals, and for our collective benefit through the productivity and prosperity that competition brings.

Good call 23rd June 2016.


Died in the wool?

There are worse ways to go.

Still in the angry non-acceptance phase SoD ?

Well here's the counter-argument to the UK's Internal Single Market act being illegal ...

So according to this lawyer, the WA is already illegal because it breaches the Good Friday Agreement by changing the constitutional status of NI within the UK without consulting the people of NI ...

"That would be flat contrary to the Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland and would clearly alter the constitutional status of Northern Ireland within the UK. As such, it would amount to a major breach of the core principle of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement that NI’s constitutional status cannot be changed without the consent of the people of Northern Ireland."

An illegal alteration to an illegal agreement. Where does the law stand on that, I wonder?!

Seems the only legal way forward for the UK and EU is to dispose of the WA, and then either a renegotiation of the WA from scratch (followed by the trade agreement), or a clean break Brexit.


Cleavon Little plays Boris in a scene from one of SoD's favorite movies:

Why is it no surprise that the root cause of this fiasco is yet another pubic sector negligence? ...

That move was welcomed by Brexiteer backbenches, who have always blamed civil service lawyers for failing to spot the flaws in the Withdrawal Agreement in the first place.

"The civil service legal team is useless," said the former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith. "They didn’t spot during negotiations that if the Government signed the document as it stands, the EU could apply state aid rules to all goods coming into the UK. Then in January they admitted they had missed it."

The civil service, unable to hire the requisite lawyers and competencies and the pols who centralise their advice and look nowhere else. Just like the Covid debacle where they threw all their eggs into the rotten SAGE, PHE, NHS-X, NHS basket.


Matthew "Dreamboat" Lynn ...

A Britain outside of the EU’s regulatory orbit will be able to provide an alternative model, and it will be a check on the over-centralised, meddling, tax-hungry instincts of the Brussels machine. That might be a bother for a few commissioners with an over-inflated sense of their own importance. But it would be far better for the Eurozone economy – it could sure use a lighter tax burden, and a little less interference.

Next, we could effectively become Europe’s Hong Kong. It is unlikely we will turn into Singapore-on-the-Thames (even if personally I think that would be great). But a slightly more free-wheeling, more lightly regulated, more tech-friendly, and entrepreneurial UK could well become a conduit for investment into the continental mainland.

In that sense, Hong Kong has been hugely valuable to the Chinese economy over the last two decades, funnelling countless billions of investment into the country, and Singapore has played much the same role for South-East Asia. Offshore hubs are sometimes a threat, but they are often also a great way of raising extra capital – and Britain, and especially the City, could play that role.

Or alternatively the blue, yellow, and red socialists of Blighty's polity could reduce her to the Venezuela of Europe, an offshore failed state.

On recent performance, i.e. since Theresa May's election, what do you think: The Honk Kong / Singapore-on-Thames or Venezuela of Eurpoe, which will we be?

Do you get now why every poll bar one conducted since Theresa May's election has been to Remain?

The Brits have realised they took their eye off the ball and were conned by Cummings and Farage and have now locked themselves in a Gulag of their own making and thrown away the key. They've discovered "take back control" was never for them, it was for the criminally negligent Westminster elite, who, up until 23rd June 2016, were held firmly in check by an external oversight and governance.

The criminally negligent Westminster elite were tired of their ritual humiliations by classier French and German pols in Brussels, having only one hand-bagging and the single market and four freedoms to show for their work in all the time Blighty has been in the EU - and those two wins from one pol who they all despised and deposed!

So they decided to con the British people into blaming Brussels for all our woes - like the NHS blaming the private sector for ripping it off with supplies when the blame falls at the door of incompetent NHS procurement - as evidenced by BUPA, Spire and the private healthcare providers not being ripped off because their procurement teams are of higher quality.

Wake up and smell the coffee of your own poor choice 23rd June 2016 - like the majority of Brits since Theresa May's election.

Or get on your knees and pray that behind the scenes Michael "the bastard" Gove has the mother of all Hong Kong / Singapore-on-Thames plans set to hatch on 1/1/2021.

Or it's all over for Blighty.


Jeez, Cummings thinks he's Warren Buffett or George Soros ...

In spite of zero track record, absolute none whatsoever, he thinks he knows how to pick winners like some investment banker.

He quite literally conned the Brits out of the EU and the fetters of the state aid rules and regs that Maggie put in place to stop a re-run of the crazy 1970's, to have a punt with your hard earned cash! Correction: with your grandchildrens' hard earned cash, because your and your children's cash has already been spent by his like-minded predecessors.

These people are truly sick. Psychotic and psychopathic in one.


As a general rule, don't politicians hate making big decisions until the very last minute? The third week of December may be an attractive target for them.

It seems Barnier has fked up!

He just couldn't keep his powder dry. Embedded in the WA was the technically legal capability of the EU to blockade the UK and NI from moving livestock between them.

He woulda, coulda, shoulda held that until the very last moment, the volley into the whites of their eyes, but he didn't.

Btw, I discovered that those polite British officers who invited the French to fire their volleys first during 18th century warfare were not doing it out of chivalry, but for military self-interest. At the range offered to the Frogs the volley was ineffective. When their turn came, Blighty's officers would then advance to close range while the Froggies reloaded their muskets and the thin red line fired point blank into the whites of their eyes with devastating effect!

So I wonder, do I scent the hint of a whiff of a 9 month setup by Michael "the bastard" Gove here? Did he leave that irresistibly juicy morsel in the WA knowing Barnier like all Frenchies would shoot his bolt too soon, and then Blighty could close the range and deliver to the eyeballs with the thunderous volley of the Internal Market Act, knowing full justification was there for Blighty due to Barnier's dastardly opening act?

I guess we won't know for a while.

But whatever, it's "irresistible force meets immovable object" now, and I'm bloody glad "the bastard" is batting for Blighty and not the other side.


Worth listening to.

Spot on OzD!

A lion with a beautiful purring Shakespearean voice.


Do you get now why every poll bar one conducted since Theresa May's election has been to Remain?...Complete, utter, irrelevant BS....the only poll that mattered was the one that took place June 2016

Why's that, DJM? The referendum was not binding on parliament. Parliament could've ignored it quite constitutionally.

But at that time you said "the will of the people" trumps the constitution, and parliament should come to heel because it was out of step with "the will of the people".

Well the Brexit policy of HMG is out of step with "the will of the people" today, as evidenced by the consistent and continuous polls for Remain, and should therefore, under your own principle, come back into line for consistency and enact Remain, no?


By George and all the Saints, the wolf crier found the right pitch for a change ...

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard explains the illegal fault line through the WA that Barnier was threatening to exploit, and why Blighty was obliged to trump illegality with illegality. Two negatives can make a positive.

Barnier is denying he said he would leverage the border in the Irish Sea to blockade internal movement of goods and services inside Blighty.

Let's see if "the bastard" can produce any evidence, transcripts if meetings and the like.

The plot sickens.


Daniel Hannon ...

The Government has, by openly and honestly proposing these modifications in advance, signalled to the EU that it wants to continue talking in the hope of finding a sensible deal. If Brussels won’t engage, then, instead of arguably welshing on one part of the treaty, we should give notice and nullify the lot – withdrawing, so to speak, from the Withdrawal Agreement.

We should say, in effect, “Thanks, but no trade deal, no deal. We’ll leave it to an international tribunal to sort out any outstanding debts, and I think we both know that the resulting sum will be smaller than what we were offering you. As for Northern Ireland, it will remain an integral part of the United Kingdom, but we won’t raise any infrastructure at the border. What you do on your side is, of course, up to you. You can have checks in Ireland or between Ireland and the Continent. Or you can simply agree the comprehensive trade deal we were proposing all along, which will make checks unnecessary. Your call.”

That's the final call. No deal is no deal, it's not an automatic failover to the WA.



Who do you think would be an honest broker for the deal?

No-one. It's got to come from Blighty vs EU, or not at all.

There's no nation on earth without skin in the game, including Uncle Sam with the Paddy fraternity.

Never forget those guys wouldn't hesitate to start funding the IRA should the troubles start again, with that hypocrit harridan Pelosi leading the pack.


Pelosi has introduced the "Boot on the British Neck" bill. The Don has promised to sign it.

Let's hope it's "no deal, no WA".

Blighty's only option for prosperity then becomes the Multi Market: WTO terms, zero import tariffs to Blighty, and acceptance of US and EU standards and standards bodies in Blighty. Effectively turn Blighty into one big Freeport with 12% corporation tax.

Leave the EU to put up the barriers at the ROI/NI border, their call if they want to abandon the Good Friday Agreement.

Blighty's military and secret services need to start focusing on republican groups and bolstering loyalist groups.

If the US and EU are going to fund the IRA then two can play at that game: Proddy groups can bomb Pelosi and the EU offices in Brussels, and see how Uncle Sam and the EU likes them apples.

I didn't prefer this option, as well you know Bob, but it's the only consistent outcome of Brexit left us.

It will also see Blighty prosper more than it would in the EU Single Market - Multi Market trumps Single Market trump Free Trade, always.


Who says Brexit has to have a consistent outcome? If UK society breaks down into warring political factions, it's hard to see how it helps Blighty no matter what the corporate tax rate. The IRA is more likely to be a problem for you than Pelosi.

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