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Tuesday, 08 September 2020


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Good on ye SoD.

I just knew running flags up the mast'd do it!

How can you break international law? If an agreement between two entities is not satisfactory to one side and cannot be resolved then end of agreement. MOVE ON.

Any fule nos that (international) law is all about interpretation of same.

Theresa May (the EU loving ex PM, who did all she could to thwart enacting the decision of the People given in June 2016) has said, “ How can our allies. Or our enemies, trust our word, how can we tear up binding agreements, just because they are shit? An agreement that forces the UK to be a vassal state protectorate. Subject to the full law of unelected EU bureaucrats, should not be able to be undone, simply because it gives ridiculous sovereign power to a foreign government.” Mrs May continued, “ The Vichy agreement of 1940, could not be torn up, just because it emasculated France, forever. No! That agreement was enforced in full! Right up until the Germans invaded and occupied Vichy. And that is exactly what the withdrawal agreement signed us up for ”

The former Prime Minister then did a sad little stick insect dance.

Dominic Grieve briefly ceased polishing his Légion d’honneur to applaud enthusiastically.

Well put, david morris! Nothing cheers me up as readily as common sense, wittily expressed.

Do we have an international law committee that adjudicates agreements!
Never heard of it myself. Seems there is a last ditch desperate attempt by the remainers.

We do indeed have international law courts, Jimmy, and the EU are weighing their options to use them.

They might not bother. "Reputation, dear chap!" might do enough damage to Blighty to keep them satisfied without recourse to the lawyers.


Here's a fine example if how important the law is in maintaining Liberty ...

A diversity fascist thought he had free speech and diversity of opinion cornered and was ready to issue them a right royal kicking.

Then the spectre of 250 million bucks worth of law suit entered the arena, and "pouf", he's all Libertarian again!

That's what's to lose when you flout the law:

Tyranny begins where the law ends.


Ah yes, the 'dead soldiers would be ashamed argument'. Right down there with the 'those rioters are like the men at the Normandy landings'. As per usual SoD, if you're so ashamed of this country, feel free to leave it. Soon!

Two decades since WWII where I wasn't moaning and bitching: Maggie T and Dave Cam's decades.

So I do endorse the country when it's heading in the right direction. I don't blithely say "It doesn't matter that they've just massacred 60k Brits because at least we did it to ourselves without Johnny Foreigner involved anymore". I call them out. 55 out of 75 years I call them out.

That said the drawbridge has definitely lowered a ratchet or two last week: Fluffbun passed her Life in the UK test. So her Brit passport should be in the post, and her pension and rights are secured with regards to Blighty for all the tax and NI she's paid for 20 years. No Windrush scenario for her once the state starts raiding vulnerable people for money a few years down the line, and picks on Europeans with mere "Settled Status".

Next up my turn to land a European passport. Maybe a trip to Czech Rep and register for their equivalent of "Settled Status" before 31/12/2020, then passport later.

Then the two of us will be able to go where we please across the 28 states again to prosper and live free - and dodge the murderous excesses of "take back control" fruitcakes where ever they might be.

You took Maggie's four freedoms from us, well, we'll damn well win 'em back off our own bat.


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