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Wednesday, 09 September 2020


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Trump: 25% poorer after being in the White House.
Hillary: 40,000% richer after being in the White House.

Sorry, but decency actually costs money.

Good point, Steve!

Funny, I keep getting e-mails from the Tories asking for money, and there isn't an election in sight. Does Mr.Gray foresee their imminent demise?
Couldn't possibly be that politicians are always after money and especially during an election?
Bear in mind this is the same person who said he thought Biden would deal with China. Well In the sense of getting his son a place in the board of a Chinese company with a 10% stake, as he did last time, I suppose he would, though I doubt that is what Mr. Gray wanted us to understand.
The poor lad has a severe case of TDS.

Not all that surprising for a guy who's taken business bankruptcies six times.

Well Biden authored the bankruptcy law too.

Taking effect in November 2005.

He ain't known as the Senator from MBNA for nuthin.

(Of course it doesn't hurt that his son Hunter was pulling down in the neighborhood of $140K as a yearly salaried "employee" of MBNA.

Chicken feed nowadays.)


According to Donnie, Biden wants to destroy the entire American way of life, so that's small potatoes when you think about it.

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