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Sunday, 27 September 2020


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I do wonder, though, whether they'll suffer from decreased immunity in the future, making the effects of this or some common or garden virus worse.

So, you believe their numbers?

What Jannie and decnine asked.

Even if the numbers were 10 times what they say, or 100 times what they say, our death and case rate would be higher.

So whatever uplift you apply to the stats for commie-lies, they've whipped us.

As for compromised immunity, maybe, but if it buys time for the vaccine, job done.

Or maybe not maybe. My Chinese work friend informs me China has had test, track and trace going since February, with an app that uses QR codes at venue entrances since then, and then updated to support the Apple / Google API as soon as it came out in July.

I tried Blighty's new NHS Covid 19 app the day it came out this week, Thu 24th, it works on QR codes and the Apple / Google API. It asked if I had a temperature, loss of taste, or cough. I've had a cough since last weekend, so I answered honestly.

I was immediately instructed to self-isolate for 8 days and get a test. It linked me through to the testing site with a valid code (you can't get voluntarily tested in Blighty, the app has to forward you, or a track and trace operator).

After a couple of hours of hitting the refresh button I was offered one 25 mins drive away on the same day, Thu. When I got there they weren't expecting me, some cock-up in the system. I booked another for Friday, an hour drive away. Went along, got it done, and received a message Sunday morning saying I was clear.

The app immediately cleared the isolation demand and said "get back to work you shirker".

So once the glitch is sorted that would be 2 days max, end-to-end. That"s what they've been doing in China and SE Asia since Feb.

But that aside, why not keep this going as the new normal? Add flu to the test done as well. Maybe the excess death rate will follow Norway and go negative as less people die from flu, pneumonia, Covid and other contagions.

Who cares about immunity when you got that system running nicely?


They speak with forked tongue.

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