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Friday, 18 September 2020


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Who? SoD? I don't remember him. Must be a character lodged in the pages of one of your many books I guess. Oh well.

Watching too much TV is bad for your mind. But if you must, try Low Winter Sun if you haven't already.

Keep taking the pills, Gaffer.

Once the folic acid, iron, D, and B12 levels catch-up your brain juices will get going again. If not you can have an injection.

You were so much better at the weekend than the last time I saw you 6 weeks ago when I had to go off and rattle the quack's cage, so the pills are having an effect.

The upcoming brain scan will hook the truth out on anything dodgy coming down the line.

"Take back control" all done and dusted.


I second your thanks to SoD.
You, and we, are fortunate to have him as reserve.

Welcome back aboard Duffers.

Thanks SoD for stepping up to the crease while himself was a.w.o.l

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