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Tuesday, 22 September 2020


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This reminds me of Heath’s struggles with the miners. In the end the voters told him to bugger off.

Our Lefties are mad, in both uses of the word. They haven't fully recovered from the election of Ronald Reagan, the fall of the USSR, the loss of the House in 1994, the Impeachment of Bill Clinton, Bush v Gore in 2000, the election of Trump and the failure of their coup against him. Other than that our Left is fairly squared away mentally.

That little bout of temper against Judge Kavanaugh two years ago was just the Dems doing their version of "Shovel out the Augean Stables". On live tv. Perfectly normal don't y'all think?

This is what we call the political silly season. It might all look like madness, but probably 80% is pure silliness.

The old song, Life gets tedious don't it by Peter Lund Hayes.
And poem by William B Booth Junior. (Don't forget the junior) Wonder if the the Christening chappie had a s, stutter. Called Bill - wonderful alliteration.
One is on Youtube and you can find the other using the Interweb.
Both very, very appropriate and amusing.

Boris the Buffoon has one job atm. To get us out of the EU. If he does that then everything else he does, and screws up as he will, will be as expected.

The chances of Boris acting sensibly over Covid are rather less than the chances of the air being clear anywhere near Baldrick.

It could not have been handled worse, more disastrously deadly or expensive.

An unbelievable cock up, and the blame is Boris's.

Jack the Dug, are you one of the many experts lining up for an expert award on the Virus? Remember when you get an expert video interview on the Telly you must have a book library behind you. It makes you look sensible!

Glesga - I hadn't got you down as one of Nicola's wee helpers?

You're very quiet. Are you dead yet?

Is BoJo going to quit on Jan 1st?

"I got Brexit done" and now it's "Tatty bye".

Does BoJo's conspicuous absence at the announcement of Dishy-Rishi's new "push water uphill" scheme to retain fake jobs in zombie industries demonstrate detachment so as not to compromise the future power?

Is BoJo doing the "bad cop" with his authoritarian diktats conducted in faux-Churchillian voice and posture so he can launder out the public's ill feeling on Jan 1?

So Michael "the bastard" Gove for PM and Dishy-Rishi for Chancellor?

Or is there going to be a damaging leadership dust-up betwixt the two?

The excitement's bubbling under, Gaffer.


Dishy-Rishi, on it like a car bonnet! ...

Yet buried within the reassurances of wage support and loan extensions were several topics painfully absent from recent political discussions – trade-offs, balancing risks, quality of life and the limits of Government.

“I cannot save every business”, he emoted, “I cannot save every job. No Chancellor could.” It may be the poverty of low expectations, but in these universally statist times, this bland confession sounded positively Thatcherite.

A Thatcherite?! By George and all the Saints!

Is the Messiah amongst us already?

And what are "the Bastard" and Cummings to make of this? Collaborate or kill?

Mmm, the plot sickens ...


Not yet, Andra, but thank you for asking!

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