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Friday, 18 September 2020


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The problem is that the NHS has become a religion and, should a “Conservative” government attempt to mess with it it would be its downfall. I am aware that PHE and the NHS are different entities; nevertheless, conflating them would be an easy sell for the opposition.

It just takes courage, Wiggers, just one pol to say "the emperor's got no cloths". Consider: -

The sheer bung of Funded Libertarianism: £2500 per annum per person for private healthcare.

A concerted advertising campaign by BUPA, Spire, and the world's leading private insurers, invited in to an open healthcare market in Blighty to display their deliverables already working in the health insurance based systems of other states, showing how there will be no more queues, no more starvation and dehydration to death, no more bureaucratic madness, no more abuse and criminal negligence.

Surely that co-ordinated demand and supply side pincer movement would prick the bubble of Blighty's delusional mind-state?


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