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Saturday, 12 September 2020


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The fires are not confined to California. Oregon and Washington State have them as well. Governance, directly or indirectly, of those three is and has been in the hands of one party/ideology for too long. Environmentalists have had way too much power and thus we have what we have. Not even the Donald can fix stupid. Especially when the governors pull an "Aussie politician blame shift" and cry "climate change" as cover.

The only thing Trump knows about fire is how to fire federal employees who disagree with him.

Seems an appropriate post title for my little item David!

Ahoy there AussieD!

You got any Oz Navy competition you can entertain me with?

Suggestion - maybe better that nobody recently retired (and certainly no actively serving) name gets on the record!

JK, that bit was a refreshing "how to" for just in time delivery! We used to work on old cars like that back in the day when a man could actually work on an old car. Not today.

"it's all very boring"

Nonsense Gaffer, here's some news for you: "Transexual Satanist Anarchism" rocks in downtown Cheshire County N.H.! ...

Just when you thought Blighty was the most messed-up place on earth, Uncle Sam saves the day. God Bless America.


Bob, seeing as the Democrats are on board with climate change what measures have they put in place to alleviate this crisis in the States they control?


All you need do to appreciate the climate change measures is to study the electrical supply state in California.

There they're doing "rolling blackouts" for the foreseeable future.

Any other place across the globe having such electrical supply issues would, earn the rating of being called, third world status. But then, the environmentalists are a very happy bunch there.


That would be a long, complicated answer. Since it's the state that usually takes the lead nationally, you can check what California has done about climate change here:

Under our federalist system the response has varied widely among states run by Democrats. American political parties don't really represent political philosophies the way yours do. Don't believe anyone who says different.



Sorry. I'm bored with The Don too. The above comment didn't add anything to the blog. Let me try again:

The only thing The Don knows about fire is how to put a hit on feds who rat him out.


"Complicated" can sometimes be easier to discern than some folks might be less than enthusiastic about explaining how a policy differs in theory than how the policy works in effect.

Theory too often means there's alot of numbers and graphs and one must resort to getting one's calculators out.

Effect can be observed by simply determining whether the lights are out.


If your point is California has power problems so it's not doing anything about climate change, that dog won't hunt. It can't even follow.

Oh Bob I'm not at all saying "California isn't doing anything."

Actually I agreeing California is definitely doing a lot of things.

In theory California's distant future, may well be bright.

Effectively though, in the present not so much.

Good thing dogs hunt by scent rather than sight.

Though from what I'm hearing about California's urban olfactory environment I'm inclined to think any dogs in those parts would prefer to neither hunt nor even follow.

(I wish I could recall where I saw a certain cartoon featuring a California fire department's pumper truck festooned with solar panels with an impressive firestorm its personnel appear determined to aim its drips on. Apologies for that, the picture is funnier than my poor description.)


CA seems to chap your keister for some reason, but:

States currently reporting large fires:

Alaska (4)
Arizona (4)
California (25)
Colorado (5)
Idaho (10)
Montana (8)
Nevada (1)
New Mexico (1)
Oregon (13)
Utah (5)
Washington (16)
Wyoming (2)

Btw, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming have Republican governors. They need to get to work raking their woods too.

G'day JK

I'll trawl my data base and see what turns up re the Aussie Navy.

Those submariners would be right at home in the RAN.

By the way I hate submarines. Nasty, claustrophobic things.


You seeing much news coverage of the 25 fires going on in the five (5) states you've conveniently (thanks incidentally - wonder how many of those "Republican Governorshipped" states have even a single 'big-airframe' called in to do water drops?

Meanwhile the single state of California's got 25 all on its own.)

Oregon I see has got 13, Washington 16 - interesting doncha think Bob those three (3) states haven't done controlled burns ever since the snail darter quit darting in, apparently quite awhile.

Meanwhile Bob if you'll check your own source you'll see, historically, all those other states' forestry services regularly do controlled burns with "about" 4% of 'em getting "loose."

It's difficult for me Bob to feel much sorrow for any of 'em - here in Arkansas just about every landowner I know (95+%) does a Springtime burnoff. That the west coasties build shit 'where it's scenic' without (apparently) any consideration for what's extremely likely doesn't, as you seem to be saying, "chap my keister" one damn bit.

Actually Bob, since NASCAR went Woke, watching California wildfires has become my go-to-watch-wrecks substitute.

And, so far, California hardly ever disappoints.

I expect that BLM/Antifa have got bored with setting fire to urban areas (or it has got harder) and are now setting fire to trees.

It's time the Don set fire to these racist terrorist organisations in the homeland.

Apparently the only reason they can't be defined correctly as terrorist organisations is because no definition of terrorist organisation exists for homeland organisations.

If the definition for international terrorist organisations is used for homeland organisations then anyone with half a brain can see that BLM and Antifa are terrorist organisations. If a foreign organisation descended on the US and perpetrated the arson, looting and murder that BLM and Antifa have just done you can be sure that Uncle Sam would have declared them terrorist organisations.

The half-brained or less say "Ah well, they're not terrorist organisations because even though terror comes about through their actions it is not directly their declared intent to cause terror". To which their are two answers: -

Firstly, Vlad Putin drops Polonium all over London, Novichok all over Salisbury, and murders his political opponents and journalists by proxy and uses the same argument: I don't condone it, it's not in my manifesto. He launders terror by proxy of his supporters.

Secondly, BLM specifically advocates the destruction of the male / female family and its replacement with spartan-like communal ownership of children. This is direct terror aimed at the children and parents of male / female families.

These people are sick. C'mon the Don, time to call it and say, "You're fired".


You guys must never get tired of being wrong.

CA does controlled burns:

Most terrorist activities in the US are committed by right wing groups:

"First, far-right terrorism has significantly outpaced terrorism from other types of perpetrators, including from far-left networks and individuals inspired by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Right-wing attacks and plots account for the majority of all terrorist incidents in the United States since 1994, and the total number of right-wing attacks and plots has grown significantly during the past six years. Right-wing extremists perpetrated two thirds of the attacks and plots in the United States in 2019 and over 90 percent between January 1 and May 8, 2020."

The mobster code of the road doesn't include The Don ratting on his base.


I think that report, when updated next year, will look a little different - BLM doesn’t even get a mention.

Look where CA "allows" controlled burns Bob. That's Congressman Nunes territory.

Congressman Schiff's district, not so much.

Oh and do read the ProPublica article referenced to on that Powerline article - it's an eye-opener, unless perhaps smoke blown east towards Indiana is obscuring your vision.


From ProPublica:

"We live in a Mediterranean climate that’s designed to burn, and we’ve prevented it from burning anywhere close to enough for well over a hundred years."

So the fault is all Governor Ronald Reagan's. He could have changed policy, and he didn't.


Wigner’s Friend,

Other groups that show up at BLM protests have been violent, but violence by BLM itself has not been reported. Republican operatives like Rudy Giuliani, as well as The Don himself, have attempted to blame Antifa and BLM for all violence to distract from right wing groups and the covid crisis.

Uhm Bob?

Finally managed to get the time to figure out how to manipulate that map thingy you so helpfully provided (your first link) above where you mention "CA does controlled burns." Might you have had a look at that map yourself Bob?

I might suggest you click where the header states 'Fire Locations' and then on the drop down box click inside the box that's listed under 'Prescribed Fire Ignitions' where the specific box for 'Approved' is?

You reckon California's sole total acreage (two separate sites) of one hundred and fifty (150) acres to be "prescriptively lit off" is gonna be anywhere near sufficient to be at all effective when there's thirty-three million acres (33,000,000) of forested lands within the state?

Arkansas is small taters relative to California where total forested acres are concerned but in my county alone our forestry service averages prescriptive burns of one thousand (1000) acres annually. The state having seventy-five total counties of which I'm reckoning close to just over one-third would meet 'the standards' qualifying to be burned off prescriptively - figure roundabouts ten thousand (10,000) acres annually.

(Of course Arkansas does have a pretty impressive timber industry - mebbe even impressier than Californy's? - and we do have this saying goes like this "Trees leave the forest pretty frequently, either as logs or as smoke" which probably means the whole shooting match of the hunert thousant acres ain't unnecessarily burnt.)

So Bob, you're suggesting subsequently elected politicians aren't statutorily authorized to correct legislative errors?

And that's what it would have been, unless of course you can point me to a link illustrating Guv Reagan issuing a State's Executive Proclamation of some sort that's managed somehow to escape judicial review.


The scientists are surely right CA hasn't been doing enough to maintain the ecology. I would guess land developers are the reason why, but blamed Reagan to give you a taste of your own medicine. You know, pretending there are only two sides and putting the blame for everything on one.

Most people only notice the ecology when something's going wrong. Arkansas has it's own problems with air, water, and land quality:


Can’t blame this on right wing protesters (or perhaps your mind works in such a way that you can):

Mmm'kay Bob,

What's it I'm supposed to be looking at, the Hurricane Laura stuff or is it maybe that one about the Arkansas Interfaith Public Utility Service(?) getting a grant?

I know from high school we got a town called Bauxite that later on got listed on the Superfund list, some hogfarm that was located on the first National River Park that got bought by the state but I see nothing on that link hazardous for our snail darter population.

Let's hope the climate does keep changing, even if it is responsible in part or whole for those fires.

Climate change is a good thing, been around for 4 billion years, made life on earth possible and sustained it.

Last thing we'd want is no climate change, or hobbled climate change.

500,000 people were dying every year from climate change 100 years ago, today it's around 20,000. Capitalism and fossil fuels have saved and are saving 480,000 people every year from the worst ravages of the climate and weather, good on 'em, way to go.

Just clear the effing forest floor and get on with it already, FFS, this is boring, we've got Brexit to talk about!


Wigner’s Friend,

I didn't see anyone found responsible in the article you linked. A question: Do you think all right wing terrorists are too dumb to show up at BLM events and commit violence just to associate violence with BLM?



Those are just from the first page. This is a roundabout way of pointing out Arkansas environmental problems, but you should get the idea.


“ I didn't see anyone found responsible in the article you linked. A question: Do you think all right wing terrorists are too dumb to show up at BLM events and commit violence just to associate violence with BLM?”
No. But I don’t think that alt right terrorists are dumb enough to wait inside a barricaded BLM no go area and wait for a convenient target.


When I posted the link I must have been prescient! Your mind does work like that. 😱

Well Bob,

While you may "think" I'm fixed on a 'one size fits all' viewpoint I don't think of my means of assessing stuff as being particularly skewed.

As to "my opinion" of your means? Well you yourself have taken pains ad infinitum to bring to our attention you are here first and foremost to "troll."

Yesterday for instance I took note of a particular segment (7th) on HillTV's daily podcast:

This being the subject poll in discussion:

Now whether you recall my placing my regimen of media intake for what I like to think of as 'My Sunday Shows Tour of What's What' I think I can skip having to get into the dust and cobwebs of D&N's archives and simply remind you that I 'glean the gamut' - and whether you'd admit as much reminding doesn't particularly pique my attention[s] one way or another.

It seems to me that we humans are subject simply to how we're "wired" (sociologists sometimes employ the word 'predisposed') for however our viewpoints come to be. That some number in the ranges of 40% lean one way and the same percentage toward the other should not surprise. However what does frequently surprise is how flexible the 'determined troll' can be in pursuit of standing in the brother & sisterhood of Trollship.

Take yourself Bob - you're without peer on D&N at throwing with precision to whoever whenever you're hankering to argue to throw you bait. I admire (admire in the etymological sense) your prowess in the Trollship Domain.

So much so that I take upon myself in my officially designated position as D&N's Master Archivist to hereby bestow upon you Bob the title of D&N's Master Baiter.

Your embossed card will soon be in the mail Bob. Carry it with distinction and pride.

Wigner’s Friend,

We can assume the shooter wasn't a white supremacist:

However, that doesn't mean he was associated with BLM. The way my mind works is to stay open until I have enough evidence to consider a thing more probable in all the possibilities. I wouldn't have lasted 30 years as an analyst thinking any other way.

Enough there Bob to enable an[y] assumption[s]?

That one appeared yesterday on one of the major 'legacy media' outlets.

That one was sourced more than sixty (60) days ago.

And yet, on this here D&N site as recently as a couple weeks ago certain persons among us assure the rest of us in such condescending manner as


He hasn't personally been found legally guilty of anything, but it's only a matter of time now."

One thing about that way of addressing issues however, holds true,

It is only a matter of time.


Yes. Here's where Rich Lowry does his little right wing pundit slight of hand:

"There are several things to say about this. One is that these cretins apparently hadn't gotten the message that BLM is supposedly all about reforming the police, rather than expressing a comprehensive, unthinking animus against the cops."

He doesn't claim the shooters are members of BLM, just that he supposedly understands their philosophy. His point is only to mention them together to construct an apparent connection.


Gen. Frank McKenzie:

"It just has not been proved to a level of certainty that satisfies me"

"We continue to look for that evidence," the general said. "I just haven't seen it yet. But … it's not a closed issue."

I conclude Biden is trying to take advantage of uncertainty to make Trump look bad. My advice would be for him to shut up and let Trump do that himself. What gives him the right to behave like a politician? Oh, wait ....


And from that NBC piece:

"McKenzie's comments, reflecting a consensus view among military leaders, underscores the lack of certainty around a narrative that has been accepted as fact by Democrats and other Trump critics, including presidential nominee Joe Biden, who has cited Russian bounties in attacks on President Donald Trump."

One would imagine, I should think, that had Russia actually been "paying bounties" we should have been seeing far far more body bags delivered to Dover than the eight (8) reported by DoD as KIA since Trump's inauguration. *Those eight being actually actively serving at the time, in Afghanistan.

The total number of those tallied as 'killed under hostile fire conditions' exceeding that single digit number however if, as I understand 'the narrative' the Russians were rumored to be paying the Taliban?

I suppose I should clarify.

At the time of Bin Laden's (forced) expulsion from Sudan his first destination was Iran which wasn't exactly what a Sunni such as Bin Laden would acknowledge as "welcoming." So after some period of languishing under close observation in Iran - these records obtained *reputedly in Bin Laden's hand and in documents seized in the raid on Abbottabad - Bin Laden chose to relocate to the "more welcoming" Taliban which, at the time, was understood (and acknowledged in open-source CIA documents) to be "the government of Afghanistan."

And so the government of Afghanistan was the Taliban until Coalition Forces 'installed' its replacement in Kabul.

However the Taliban was not exterminated and its remnant "took off for the hills" - which were and are, in Afghanistan, plentiful.

Meanwhile that remnant of Taliban surviving wasn't happy in its circumstance and ever since has harbored ill feelings at its treatment. They even have the temerity to believe they're the "actual rightful government" and so in the hinterlands of Afghanistan which - much like the hills are plentiful as well - the Taliban set about to effect its 'restoration' during which process these, basically, Neolithic warriors have somehow managed to take to a stalemate the combined armed forces of some of the most technologically advanced military powers on the planet.

(With the help of, it can be argued, said technologically advanced nations' political leaders.)

Now we're come to a fork in the road where it's become apparent that unless we're prepared to "bomb 'em [the Taliban] back into the Stone Age" - from which to all appearances they never advanced from in the first place - that stalemate is the closest thing to "the smell of victory" we're ever gonna get a whiff of.

Frankly after all we've had to do with the Taliban I find myself asking myself - why in the heck would the Taliban even need the extra motivation some number of rubles could be?

To build a fancier mud hut? Carpet the dirt floor?

I can't see it.

JK, the Taliban only have to call on the 100 million Pakis to reinforce. You cannot beat the Taliban.

Yeh Glesga that's occurred to me too - if there's a dearth where motivation's a concern the Pakis would seem the likelier suspect.

The problem with a continually open mind is that all sorts of debris can fall in.
However, listening to reason can lead to a change of mind.

McKenzie's comments, reflecting a consensus view among military leaders, underscores the lack of certainty around a narrative that has been accepted as fact by Democrats and other Trump critics, including presidential nominee Joe Biden, who has cited Russian bounties in attacks on President Donald Trump.

That's politics. Do you think you don't believe things that aren't true? No one here imagined it's about laying out objective fact, did they? Remember Bill Clinton claiming NAFTA would create a million jobs in the first five years? When Bush II couldn't mention 9/11 without also mentioning Saddam Hussein? How about The Don claiming covid was just another flu that would go away "like a miracle" (he still tries that occasionally)?

We'd all be better off if everyone suspended belief in everything politicians say and held them to a higher standard. I'm not holding my breath waiting, though.

JK - I am thinking about you and I hope all is ducky in your little neck of the woods.

Bull's eye ...


JK, the Pakis are responsible for splitting India and forming an Islamic State.

Biden now interfering in British internal politics over Brexit. And just to keep the US Irish Catholic vote on board. Show the man a map of the world and ask him to identify Ireland and he would point to Iraq.

As it is Andra but what?

You're not gonna acknowledge D&N's Master Baiter Bob?

Where's Sister Wolf when we need her?

Bob, do a bit of research on the Irish Republic stance during WW2 when your troops were being mowed down on Omaha Beach. Pass your results onto Biden. As a stater, Gerry Adams paid homage to an IRA terrorist called Sean South during 2017. South was an ardent Nazi supporter,anti semetic and anti Protestant. There were no US troops stationed in the ROI, go tell old forgetful Joe that.


The Proddy groups in NI would do well to open up some channels in the US and the Netherlands. The Boogaloo and QAnon seem well stocked with the requisites.

When the IRA comes calling with the Paddy fraternity's funding from the US and EU it'd be advisable to let those two sponsors know that the fireworks are for them too, not just for Blighty and NI.

As you know, I didn't want it to be like this. But now that it is, well, when in Rome ...



What does that have to do with Biden?

Bob, Biden is playing to the Irish Catholic Mafia in the USA to get votes. He should keep out of our British internal business. The Irish so called hard border is a red herring played by the EU. It is the EU who are threatening a hard border.


Biden is Catholic and the Good Friday Agreement is long standing American policy partially brokered by Clinton in 1998. It's not helping him with Catholics over here, who tend to be very conservative:

Frankly, most Americans couldn't care less about Brexit. We have plenty of problems of our own.

Bob, Obama was concerned enough to interfere in the Brexit process when he openly declared the UK should remain in the EU and the UK would go to the back of the queue for a trade agreement if we Brits left the EU. The USA as you say have their own serious problems but should not interfere in the self determination of others. The fact is is that Biden clearly said that he would not accept the British introducing a hard border when he knows the British have no intention of doing so and that the EU are the ones threatening to do so. Biden of course is an onerous chap who supported the invasion of Iran or was it Iraq!

Biden's a wrong'un for Blighty, through-and-through.

Jimmy's right, he's trying to play the Left Footer and Paddy card. They may not give a shit about Brexit but they'll fill the communion-plate alright when the provos come begging for their AR15's.

Give us the Orangeman any day.


Och well SoD it was the Orangeman who started the Glorious Revolution when he invade Brixham.

Does Trump have time to appoint a Supreme Court Judge?

What a Dem administration means for the UK/US relationship ...

Remember these two? ...

The "war on terror" nation funded the murder of 1800 Brits through a 30 year terror campaign.

Another input for the upcoming X in the box moment.


Dan Han on it is like a car bonnet ...

From a British point of view, though, things are far clearer. Trump is unquestionably the more Anglophile candidate. He identifies strongly with his Scottish mother, and sometimes describes himself as half-British. Biden, by contrast, likes to recall how his father would tell him that his most precious drop of blood was Irish. Nothing wrong with that, obviously: I regard my own Irish blood as precious, too. But Biden has bought into that peculiarly uncompromising chauvinism that one finds often in Irish America, but rarely in Ireland.

When Gerry Adams was still tied to a paramilitary campaign, Biden lobbied to get him a US visa. Now he has thrown his weight behind a letter by four congressmen, two of whom were apologists for armed Republicanism during the Troubles, threatening to block any US/UK trade deal if there is a violation of the Good Friday Agreement. In reality, of course, no one is threatening that agreement, and nor is anyone proposing a hard border in Ireland. (If you doubt that, just ask who would build it.)


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