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Friday, 18 September 2020


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The Tory's haven't done so well with PMs lately.....

Just be thankful you don't live in the Peoples Socialist Islamic Republic of Victoriastan.

Our dear leader, Chairman Dan, and his acolytes have imposed the harshest restrictions on us over the WuFlu.

I'll swap you a Boris for a Dan

Infections found by testing have been increasing for ten weeks. Hospital admissions and deaths have continued to fall.
If the extra infections were making people sick it would have shown up in the figures for hospitalization and death seven weeks ago. Hence the extra infections aren't making people sick or killing people.
The correct response would be to declare the emergency over.
But that would mean rejecting advice from SAGE, which the press would use to panic people again. Bear in mind SAGE rather like their current important role and are not eager to go back to the day job. It would also mean that there would be no money going to buy vaccines, as they would be unnecessary - and the companies selling these things would likewise be stirring the pot.
The problem is that rejecting medical advice is a really hard sell to a panicked population.

Pat, I am not certain that you are right about the admissions are going down.
They did for a while, but it looks to me that since the start of September the numbers are going up.

The Tory's haven't done so well with PMs lately.....

Think of it as the "Brexit effect", missred.

All the Remain Tory PM's were the ones that knew they should do less, not more, and shrank the state. They were grateful for the helping hand that the single market, four freedoms, and state aid rules gave them in holding off the "take back control so we can back winners" mentality.

There's Dave Cam with his 2.7% growth (top of the G7), strong pound, deficit dropping like a stone, debt falling as a percentage of GDP, unemployment trace, inflation trace, living standards rising. A steady hand after the financial crisis.

And Maggie herself, of course, inventor and implementor of the single market, four freedoms and state aid rules, her legacy that shone back on Blighty for 30 years and kept us freer and more prosperous than we've ever been in our 2500 island history.

Compare and contrast with the Brexit PM's:
Maybot and BoJo. The "take back control so we can back winners" PM's.

Nuff said really.


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