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Saturday, 05 September 2020


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David, do what you can because "what you can" is often better than others who try but can't.

What Whitewall said. You describing your lethargy is a good deal more interesting than many an energised writer describing their peak experiences!

What Whitewall and Whyaxye said. Maybe it could even be given a name such as Age-Related Disgust, but it will happen to many of us. Perhaps we reach an age when we see things too clearly and at times prefer not to look.

There's an echo in here.

Lots of us feel down because of covid and the state of politics. Covid will probably pass in a year or so. Politics and old age have always been shit shows. Here's some musical inspiration:

(Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" has been over-used here.)

BUGGER! Sorry, Bob, I seem to have lost the sound from 'youtube', either that or my old age hearing difficulties are worse than I thought! I will try again tomorrow.

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