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Sunday, 27 September 2020


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Yup Loz, the Last Chance Saloon.

From 'over here's' state of view.

I wish the entire Telegraph article was available as I very much enjoy Fox as an actor. I've seen a couple of interviews with him and he doesn't hold back about the ongoing trashing of British culture and tradition. The public education system has got to be ground zero in the culture war. Same for us.

The entire right wing movement can be explained by the popularity of a single book:

Norman Vincent Peale's secular religion has been swallowed whole by people who live on faith, because, hey!, reality is bullshit! Don't like it that societies have changed throughout human history? Invent a culture war! Terrified we can burn down or drown huge areas of the planet by burning stuff for energy the tried and true way it's been done since cavemen? Insist that science doesn't work, and be a climate change denier! Hate authority for the sake of it? Cripple your own government and consequently country! Insist health measures are tyranny and spread a pandemic! Don't admit you don't know everything and blame any problems on "the Left Axis!"

And while you're at it, try clicking your heels together while repeating, "There's no place like home ... ". You'll be "celebrating Britain's history and global contribution" in no time! And all Americans will be anglo-saxon Christians again - even if they never were!


Give that a couple of watch throughs, sleep on it then come back and comment to us in the morning.

And yeah the cookies.

And the milk, little warm but don't overdo it.

Well Bob, I guess it was bound to happen. You fell off the edge into the disturbed Left and like them, you have lost your damned mind.

Hahaha Bob, great rant!

I could swap out a few words and be as happy with it as you no doubt were!

But I'll leave it to fester for you, like a doorstep message from a frustrated intruder.


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