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Tuesday, 08 September 2020


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David, brain power I can at least gradually grasp. It is the "legendary" bit that has me struggling.

How about an iMac for Christmas?

Duffers the lower deck is cleared awaiting your attendance.

Get SoD to do his magic thingy on your infernal electronic contraption.

Aye David rambling around the bilges is wot we're expecting (hoping) you'll do to find us some interesting tidbits we can all then indulge ourselves, as our talents allow, arguing over.

But yeah I'd agree you probably ought hoist whatever the appropriate signal flags are that alert SoD to our predicament.

This is becoming quite entertaining! Not that I would do a better job than you. I have, after all, given up on my blog. and in the rest of the news - I am a first time grandmother to a beautiful baby girl!

Congratulations Missred!

Missred, congrats as well! I figured you were much too young to be a grandmother?

Dear Miss Red, give the girl a great big kiss from me because I probably will not be around by the time she reaches 18.

you probably ought hoist whatever the appropriate signal flags are that alert SoD to our predicament.

G'day JK.

Perhaps International Code Flag "Yankee" or even "Zulu" and Duffers can make of the latter whatever he wants.

No need for apologies.
We know that quality counts for more than quantity.
A legend in your own lunchtime. Don't know who used to say that. Maybe Private Eye.

Oh I am Whitewall, I am! *wink*wink*
Thank you all for the congrats.

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