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Saturday, 12 September 2020


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Perhaps they should have to wear bras over their clothing to show people just what obnoxious tits they are.

Airstrip One . . .

“ courtesy YOU 23rd June 2016.” And what makes you think a different vote then would have made a difference to this decision?

Of course this is an opportunity to gain £30k pa, in return for doing a Private Godfrey impression!
Not so sure they'll get prodnoses, more likely lazy chancers.
They're going to look pretty daft when the public realises that this disease is hardly killing anyone despite the detection of extra infections. Whatever is being detected it ain't dangerous.
Fingers crossed they will find this out soon with the revised testing regime they are quietly introducing.
And perhaps they will then truly ignore those scaremongers King and Ferguson.

It wouldn't, Wiggers, but it would've clipped the wings of Cummings and his psychotic "winner picking" with my money and a sizeable portion of the blue socialist crapulata at best, and have given us an escape route, including from Covid marshals, Woke marshals, and whatever else Gulag Blighty has in store for us, at worst.

Pray for "the bastard". Does he have a knife long enough to skewer BoJo and Cummings on the same blade, I wonder? I really, really, look forward to the moment he strikes. I have a feeling it's going to be masterful and epic all in one.


Might I suggest that the link made between Covid marshals and the Brexit vote is tenuous and, well, a bit silly really.

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