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Wednesday, 07 October 2020


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The governmental reaction to the Chynese Virus has been textbook.

“It’s just a mask. It’s just two weeks. It’s just so we don’t overwhelm hospitals. It’s just non-essential businesses. It’s just until the cases go down. It’s just until we get a vaccine. It’s just to minimise side effects. It’s just an app. It’s just to let others know who you’ve been around. It’s just a video. It’s just an email account. It’s just a credit card company, you can use cash. It’s just a few places that won’t take cash. It’s just a little chip. It’s just for medical information and paying for things. It’s just for travel. It’s just so you can get your driver’s license. It’s just so you can vote. It’s just a few more years. It’s just a statue. It’s just a building. It’s just a piece of paper. It’s just a flag. It’s just a blood test. It’s just a scan. It’s just a clump of cells. It’s just the bad people. It’s just the undesirables. It’s just the Jews. It’s just the Christians. It’s just the people who don’t think like us.“

Too many governments response to the virus have been bending toward authoritarian, especially when the mandates are exercised by local, county and state pols.


Decline at any rate.

It is actually the so called experts on the ground who are screwing it up. We have experts everywhere now getting their faces on the telly. We should have a Covid 19 expert Come Dancing competition.

JK, good historical piece. Kinnock became one of the highest paid politicians in the EU. He investigated corruption in the EU Commission whilst a Commissioner!

How all of us got started on the Commie Flu. Experts at universities put forth models. The models caused the desired reaction, absolute panic and terror in the media. Immediately everyone in charge of anything and everything political was required to be sufficiently panicked. Health bureaucrats had to respond on a dime to satisfy the political class who were expected to have answers for the terrified public with no road map to dealing with such a mass deliberate bio attack.

Then the entire Commie Flu contagion was politicized.

Just saw this under "Lord knows there's gotta be a better way":

Good grief, regurgitating Kinnockio, of all the pols in the history of mankind you could choose to plagiarize Biden chose the bottomist of all bottom feeders!

That says it all.


Loz, Kinnock is worth a historical mention. He was the Great Labour socialist after all just like Corbyn. Then he joined the Capitalist elite and no doubt on occasion regurgitated his lobster and Welsh rerr bit whilst thinking about the Valleys.

Well said.
And much too restrained, which is a credit to your upbringing.
One can only hope that cometh the hour, cometh the person.

As recently as a year ago Britain was assessed by the Global Health Security Index to be second only to the United States both in its overall preparedness for an epidemic and in its rapid response and mitigation strategies.

Plenty of irony there. Both the US and UK are in the top ten for deaths per capita, with the UK at 638 per million and US at 645:

What is it that makes us so inept?

I think we'll need to wait until after the totals for 2020 are detailed for instance, the number of deaths in the US attributable to heart disease in 2017 was 647,457. So far this year (July) only 48,042 deaths solely attributed to heart disease have been recorded. However when listed as a 'co-morbidity' (2nd Tier) with Covid listed on Tier 1 that number is, as of July, 512,036.

Something similar "appears to be happening" where cancer deaths are concerned - 2017 the number was 599,108. This year deaths solely attributed to cancer are negligible.

Have we somehow managed to, "turn the corner" however miraculously, absent fanfare, without a bunch of cancer doctors standing in extraordinarily long lines waiting to be handed their Nobel Prizes?

No. No inordinate number of Nobels for cancer cures.

So what gives?

Let's look at deaths due to "accidents" (all types). In 2017 that total was 169,936. This year's number is on track to also be "miraculously down." Is this a sign that "somehow" we humans (US) have evolved to be less 'accident prone' or is there perhaps some "fun with numbers" going on - for instance there was down in Pulaski county Arkansas (August) a lineman whose death was listed on Tier 1 as "attributed to Covid" - no mention of the 32,000 volts of electricity that passed through the poor fellow when his grounding strap somehow slipped and subsequently contacted at least one of the phased hot wires. Then there was that [in]famous Florida case where the driver of the car involved in a highway crash got decapitated yet his cause of death was listed as "attributable to Covid."

Well I suppose not having a head would make it difficult to breathe and since "breathing difficulties" is one of classic symptoms of Covid I suppose it understandable how that Florida coroner might decide to list his COD as being due to the Covid.

Still there is something curious seems to me - in 2017 life expectancy in the US was 78.6 years. And one of this year's 'top 10 places to suffer death' just happens to be in nursing homes. Anybody got a guess as to which age cohort is more likely to be resident in nursing homes?

Don't know about for instance, New York nursing homes but the ones I'm familiar with here in Arkansas my guess is - and I think it's a perfectly reasonable guess - 80+ years of age, often with significant co-morbidities.

"What is it that makes us so inept?"

Well Bob I reckon there is one bright spot where your question's concerned - where at least 'accidents' are concerned we Americans appear to be getting more ept than inept.

And we've learned one of the best therapies for warding off Covid.

Throw a "mostly peaceful riot."

So Bob, next time you notice the sniffles coming on, get out and burn one of your neighborhood businesses down.

Very imaginative, JK.

Well Bob, like they said on The X-Files, the truth is "out there."

But, you're just gonna have to seek it out for yourself.

Oh wait. ... You already supply us with "as you see it."

In abundance.

I see from the stats, Bob, you've pipped us at the post and nudged us into 10th place.

And we've been soundly thrashed by Brazil and the rest of South America.

It's looking more like the England football team by the second.


It's turtles all the way down.

Big Brother.

How 'bout them Wolverine Watchmen and pals who definitely do not in any way resemble Blackshirts?:

"The FBI says it has thwarted a plot by militia members to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and six people are facing federal charges. In a coordinated move, Michigan is pursuing state felony charges against seven people with ties to a militia called the Wolverine Watchmen.

In a statement early Thursday, Whitmer said two militia groups "were preparing to kidnap and possibly kill me."

But in a later interview on NPR's All Things Considered, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that "multiple white supremacy groups and militia groups have been acting in accordance with one another."

Brits especially might not remember when the left over here lost their minds with "radical chic", in which some prominent leftists, mostly Hollywood and intellectual types, started rubbing shoulders with The Weather Underground, SDS, and Black Panthers; left wing extremists all. Shortly afterwards Reagan won 49 states. We seem to have reached the political mirror image.


We have a built in advantage with more places that get cold in winter and drive people indoors. You don't stand a chance.

"The Wolverine Militia" does have a certain ring to it don't it?

I'm sure Governor Gwetched Witless'll fall for it at this stage of her life.

"Whether these plots were real, or fantastical inventions by the defendants, is unclear. And the federal government doesn’t have a very good record in these things. A decade ago the government charged nine members of the self-styled Hutaree Christian militia group with plotting a violent revolt, including assassinating a law enforcement officer then bombing the funeral."

"But the cases fell apart at trial, and the defendants were convicted only on a range of weapons and related charges."

But of course yes, Michigan does have a tradition and reputation for being "The Land of Crazy."

I suppose we shall see.

(But not before, I'm guessing, until after the election.)

The plot thickens ...


Anarchists hate all government. In this case they were cooperating with right wing extremist groups. The greater cause is violent chaos.

"In this case they were cooperating with right wing extremist groups."

Bob, got any evidence to back that assertion?

If not I'd suggest a re-write: "In this case, absent reading the charge sheets, it's difficult if not impossible to know with any degree of certainty, just who may be cooperating with whom."

"But for my money I'd wager that, depending on one's 'affiliation' the greater cause may be determined depending on preference. If one leans conservative *they're lefties. If wokish obviously *they're righties. However since the atmospherics do more prominently emanate from the Wokysteric bloc I'm [Bob] going with *them being right wing extremists."

Yeah Bob it is a bit more clunky but so be it.


Of course it depends on what you personally accept as evidence, which seems to be right wing blogs only. Still, if you try to claim US News & World Report is leftist or phony I'll have a laugh:

"13 With Ties to Right-Wing Militias Charged in Plots to Kidnap Michigan Governor, Target Police"


"In this case, absent reading the charge sheets, it's difficult if not impossible to know"

Specifically the FBI charging documents rather than any states level documentation - the reason being, where "some particular states" level AGs or local jurisdictional DAs are concerned, grossly overcharging is apparent.

For example Minnesota's AG Ellison's charging of those five officers to the max. While it's good PR - it'll make obtaining convictions nigh on impossible.

I should qualify: obtaining judicially tendered convictions nigh on impossible - convictions in the courts of public opinion is another subject for discussion. For an example from that latter realm look no further than the Trayvon Martin escapade.


Just now located that so, when time allows I'll endeavor to closely study it and, if possible, assess the likelihood of obtaining convictions "as charged." (SP in these things generally tends to reductions in charges, plea deals, informants proving "unreliable & etc."

I did note in the DoJ press release there's some bit of, oh how shall I describe it[?] mebbe 'discrepousness' - On the one hand the charged are credited with practicing "operational security" (OPSEC) but in the same sentence states "the plot" was discovered via "social media posts."

[Which seems awful doggoned amateurish operationally but that's just me.]

But I will make every attempt to study whatever documentation I may happen upon in a dispassionate, professional manner.


The right wing status of the perps seems likely. Michigan has been famous for right wing militia groups since the 1990's. I haven't found any information linking resentment of public health measures to the left per se. And they plotted against a Democrat.

Apparently not much is known about the Wolverine Watchmen:

The piece does mention:

""Especially with groups like the boogaloo boys, which are primarily anti-government, you can get both white supremacists and left-leaning anarchists in the same group," Lewis said. "They can attract and put out narratives that appeal to both left- and right-leaning people who don't like the government."

I'm not convinced Bob that, as we two would judge, traditional lefties and righties (in a political sense) those guys - the federally charged ones at any rate - should be described as either.

Neither do I, personally, see 'em as particularly "militia material." (What I look for tradecraft-wise ... actual seriousness of threat potential ... is if there's any evidence of past military experience. Heck even Eagle Scout type experience. Those guys seem to me, at this point, wannabees who've watched too many B-grade action movies.)

So far as that Wolverine shit I'm thinking all these journalists writing about 'em are probably too young to've been paying attention when that Red Dawn movie came out. They missed the bus in other words, I mean Wolverine Watchmen, that's too cute by half.

But - I have emailed some LE contacts that work that general area to get their insights into this stuff.

Candidly Bob given what we've been subjected to this year (and this election cycle) I'm kinda leery of accepting at face value anything any and all media purport to me.

I'll add Bob, unusually from you, that Detroit News link is pretty damn helpful. Good actually.

That the Hutarees got a mention I have to admit, was surprising.

Most *journalism these days seem to omit journalistic 'oopsies.'

Yo Bob,

Run that up to about the 20:00 mark and give it some ear. I suspect that'll be up your preferred narrative.

Beginning at the 33:20 mark (amidst the celebrations) which incidentally, I haven't listened to myself yet, "seems to promise" commentary about that Wolverine Watchmen stuff.

Whatever is said on the subject I'll hold to my word of looking at it "dispassionately & professionally."

Now I'll be clicking the 'Go Forth' arrow.


A Federal [with arrest powers & authentic creds] responds to me thusly:

"One DEA agent said that the only reason the KKK and certain groups were still even a blip was the membership was made up entirely of undercovers doing God knows what for who knows why."

The person is not affiliated or credentialed DEA.

I will further report as replies come in.

Hmmm ...

Kinda unusual wouldn't one think?


The podcast just sounded like spin to me. Republican operatives, including sympathetic sources like National Review, are tap dancing as fast as they can.

And no, it's probably not all that unusual:

"An FBI intelligence assessment—titled “White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement” and published in 2006 during the administration of President George W. Bush—raised alarm over white supremacist groups’ interest in “infiltrating law enforcement communities or recruiting law enforcement personnel.” The report, based on FBI investigations and open sources, warned, for example, that skinhead groups were actively encouraging their members to become “ghost skins” within law enforcement agencies, a term the report said white supremacists use to describe members who “avoid overt displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance white supremacist causes.”

In 2015, a classified FBI Counterterrorism Policy Guide, obtained by The Intercept, stated that “domestic terrorism investigations focused on militia extremists, white supremacist extremists, and sovereign citizen extremists often have identified active links to law enforcement officers.”

Oh my Bob then it's true?

Cops are out there indiscriminately killing "totally innocent" black ... hmmm, the NYT and Wapo's issued some 'new guidelines' I better pay heed to regarding capitalization ...

Oh my Bob then it's true?

Cops are out there indiscriminately murdering "totally innocent" BLACK folk?

Good Lord Bob you that gullible?

(Well now that I think about some of the shit you put up as links I suppose you are

"[A] classified FBI Counterterrorism Policy Guide, obtained by The Intercept, stated that “domestic terrorism investigations focused on militia extremists, white supremacist extremists, and sovereign citizen extremists often have identified active links to law enforcement officers.”

See and heed #4 on the affidavit Bob. Notice SA Trask specifically mentioning "[relying] on info provided by ... CHSs & UCEs"?

Should you not immediately recognize the implication where both CHS & UCE sources are concerned what that means in those people are undercovers. Now where a federally initiated and investigated operation is concerned using assets such as those don't usually cause many issues ... a notable exception of recent vintage is the fifth floor occupants of the Hoover building "loaning out" the services of one of its CHSs in pursuit of the 2016 Clinton efforts [Christopher Steele] ...

But generally speaking CHSs & UCEs in those specific circumstances as I said, don't generally lead to many problems when the allegations as set forth in a federal case arrives in court.

However - when there's a mix of federal and state operations going on concurrently, and especially in situations where the feds and [a/the] state[s] authorities "may" be working at cross-purposes - well suffice to say that that's a situation rife for screw-ups.

And to say that it's obvious that the feds and Governor Whitless are presently "at loggerheads" I somehow doubt even such as yourself Bob could manage a reasonable objection?

Earlier you recall my mentioning me emailing LE types "familiar with operating in that general area"?

Well as sometimes happens on the Interwebs unexpected associations occasionally emerge - that linked blog for instance: though I don't "know" the host of that site I do know [some number of] some of his mentioned "contacts."

It only became apparent to me owing to some careless 'adding contacts' on the Cc line rather than the Bcc line.

Be "interesting/entertaining" to see what comes out in the wash (Court) when all these both fed charged and state charged individuals lawyers get together for the pre-trial motions, countermotions, and prosecutorial disclosures.


You call it gullible, I call it living in the real world. Tomato, tomahto.

Yeah well

That period of 'motions, countermotions, and prosecutorial disclosures' I mentioned appears to have commenced.

And from some other sources I've come across - looks like we're in for some fun!

"The investigation into the Hutaree began in 2008, when a source came forward and shared a disturbing tale with the FBI that, for all of the fear and violence it suggests, reads a bit like a comedy. The informant found himself at a Michigan training compound when, for reasons unspecified, a teenager fired a gun at him and a bullet whizzed by his head, according to court records. The group did little to reprimand the shooter. The informant's anxiety grew when he became worried he might step on and kill one of the many chihuahuas that were running free on the property, brought in by a woman. The dogs were so small they disappeared easily into the grass and were hard to see. He described some trainees on the property as having poor hygiene, missing teeth and questionable intelligence who practice cult-like behavior."

Turns out the case against the "Alaska [again *right-wingers all] Militia fared i>nearly exactly alike the case against the Hutarees finally wound up in 2015.

*Nearly exactly alike* except with, in the Alaska case the FBI "grew concerned" [sarcasm] when its four primary CHSs were found guilty of perjury in an earlier decided case against a Idaho-based [seeing something of a pattern here?] "right-wing militia" which was in the indictment alleged to be - you can probably guess.

("Nearly exactly alike" in the sense that, at least with the Hutarees there was a father and son convicted of "owning a [single!!!] machine gun." With all the remaining "militiaees" charges were ultimately dropped - with prejudice.

& Perhaps purely coincidentally - all three [maybe four depending how 'The Red Dawn Raiders' case turns out] indictments were delivered within weeks of a coming election.

One of the days maybe the Coen Brothers'll make a movie about this stuff!

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