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Thursday, 01 October 2020


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What you heard/saw was the division in America today. It is bitter, angry and deep and the sides are nearly incompatible to the core. No moderator can moderate it. This fight has to be fought and we have a brawler in the WH on our side, many faults and all. Thank God! The Left has to get their "false flag" presidents(s) over the line somehow and in power.

This entire season is not about debating ideas. It is about a fight to the finish. Long over due.

In so far as Trump had a game plan, he probably succeeded. Everybody knows that the man is a vulgarian oaf, but his supporters just don't care or consider it some sort of virtue. Showing that Biden can also descend into the gutter has probably split Biden's vote (and Trump did gleefully point out that he had stabbed Bernie in the back...) between those who will support him come what may, and those who now won't bother. Note that it is Biden's team who are calling for a change in the debating rules. Their man just wrestled with the pig, and got dirty. Trump's supporters are happy voting for the pig.

What Whiters and Whyaxye said.

A calm, smooth-talking, Obama-like character might have been trouble for the Don. The contrast would've been stark.

That Biden allowed himself to be dragged into the mud demonstrates he's easily manipulated. Not a quality anyone's after in the head honcho role.

Or if he's actually a pig then he's just been out-pigged.

A lose-lose for Biden either way then.


(One of) the things Trump managed to do was to shine a light on the wheeelings & the dealings surrounding what's come right alongside the nearly half century of carrying around the name Biden! Time was, the mantra 'that whole story about my son has been authoritatively discredited' has been proven out to be - Not so fast there Mr. Vice President, discredited by whom, by what authority?

Discredited by your in-the-tank-media-allies Mr. Vice President? Discredited just because you say so Mr. Ex Vice President?

Didn't you Mr. Ex Vice President yourself say as much as you ain't in any capacity anywheres near any position from which your, just saying so, carries any water where 'authority' is concerned? And by that very disclaiming Mr. Ex Vice President does it not follow that your insisting to your media parrots 'parroting with authority' accounts as the same sort of leaky vessel - Indeed some may now characterize your proclamations of 'authoritatively' "Of Titanic Leaky?" (You do recall the Titanic Mr. Biden do you not, as you've recently told us you've "served as Senator for the last 180 years" - Surely if you remember marching alongside MLK across the Edmund Pettus Bridge you remember the Titanic?)?

The Donald has the Wu-Flu according to our news broadcasts.

Raises all sorts of questions.

Get well Donald - the West needs you

Mmm, this is going to be a nail-biting few weeks.

And if Biden picked it up at the debate the whole lot could be out for the count over the next few weeks, or worse.

Meanwhile Vlad's taking no chances ...


You're finally a good judge of character where Trump is concerned, David. However, the right wing party line, which you have apparently swallowed, is that Biden was just as bad. Only people who want to believe it will.

And I'll believe Trump has covid when someone like Dr. Fauci says so. Both Trump and that quack that tells us Trump is in the shape of a 25 year old can't be trusted. It would be like The Don to pretend he's sick then have a presser in 3 days to tell us he's feeling great and it was just like mild flu.

Bob, I stayed up to watch the debate (circus entertainment) and turned off when the clown Biden called Trump a clown. Bob,the left mob over here said Trump would be a war mongerer but are silent now and no doubt disappointed. Why anyone on the USA anti war left would support Biden beggars beliefs.

Michael Moore also doesn't believe Trump has tested positive. Good company there.

"Only people who want to believe it will."

There's forty-seven years of his having his snout in the midst of legislating which doesn't at all require a 'want to believe' - a simple dispassionate review of his "accomplishments" confirms it.

"The Constitution says that the American people — I taught constitutional law for over 20 years — says the American people get an opportunity to choose who they want on the Supreme Court by who they pick as their senator and their president.”

Wait. What?!!!

Was that Joe, during your time in office or, some other 20 year period or what?

Perhaps the people of Delaware'd like to demand a refund.

As I said, "accomplishments."


I watched the whole debate. Biden called The Don a clown once and asked him to shut up a few times. Trump interrupted constantly to lie and rant, several times about Biden's family. He paid no attention to the rules he'd agreed to and argued with and talked over the moderator. The amount of rudeness wasn't close.

Michael Moore isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Most people don't believe anything that comes out of Trump's mouth. He only opens it to lie and troll.

Biden has a record, but Trump has one now too. We'll see how well it works for him.

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