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Friday, 30 October 2020


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There is still some political capital to be made from the fact that Starmer was in Jezza's shadow cabinet for 4 years and has only just realised that the rancid old Marxist was in fact an anti-semite - once he was prompted by the EHRC and the press, of course!

But you are right. Boris needs to get a grip on his PR, and sort out the school dinners issue (Rashford is currently more dangerous than Starmer!). Then he needs to sort out covid-19. Then he needs to deliver a good Brexit, as he promised. Then he needs to start acting like a Tory!

Sadly, a man who has never actually held down a proper job in his life, always sucking at the teat of the public purse, has to decide what to do now.

It's all very well being an 'experienced' politician (whatever that entails), but being a bit of a failure in all that as well as 'leader' of a once great political party, seems to be the endgame for this silly old duffer.

He's be better off in some London council office, looking at immigration forms or suchlike, and I hope he's successful when he eventually gets his shoo-in to some pit like Hackney.

Juliet Samuel covers all the bases ...

Starmer's own deputy Angela Rayner and Diane Abbott on the anti-Semite list for investigation. A split in the Labour party would leave the unions pondering who to back: a bunch of anti-semitic unelectable student protestors, or the bloke scoring hits against the Tories right now.

A split in the Tories between the CONTS (Conservative One Nation Tories, aka Blue Socialists) and Thatcherites would be good too.

Get some more choices on the ballot paper for next time.


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