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Saturday, 03 October 2020


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David congratulations to you and your favorite wife! May you have many more!

Oh, by the way, I looked at their menu....cheese cake with chocolate bits on it- I think- and gained 10 pounds.

I hope you remembered to remove your mask when eating.

Happy anniversary!

Well done David and the Mrs, hope you gave a tip you know what you English are like.

Happy Anniversary!

Many congratulations on the Boss putting up with you for another year.
The menu looks lovely - can't say that about the prices!
Unfortunately, it's a bit far away from plague county for me.
If you can't finish your pudding, do you get lines? Asking for a friend.

Thank you, one and all for your good wishes.

I saw the price range and thought, “That’s not bad “, then looked at the pictures. I’d have to supersize or order a double, I’m afraid.
Best wishes to the Memsahib by the way. She’ll have to let us know her secret.

I assume they gave you and your bride the newly wed special!

Congrats and many more.

Well done that lady - and you to Duffers.

Food looks good but I have to agree with Timbo re the size of the serve.

Congratulations but don't spend those mega-brownie points too quickly.

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Duff!

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