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Friday, 30 October 2020


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Good catch SoD. More coming soon on this. Media is doing a cover up to aid Biden which is called election interference. They are corrupt and craven. Even a liberal journalist will be targeted in this affair.


Hunter Biden is being covered over here, just not with the hysterics some would like:

"The “media silence” around 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden's suspicious ties with foreign businesses has been “hypocritical” and “concerning to the American people,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Thursday."

Pay no attention to Trump's recently discovered Chinese bank account please.

What we should worry about is that Joe is probably going to try to push TPP again when he gets the chance. Our corporate overlords want trade with China, so that's what we're going to get. It matters not a whit who's president. Attempts at a trade war have had minimal results. The Chamber of Commerce, a corporate lobbying outfit that nearly always backs Republicans, is now backing Biden.

Google employee involved in "family separations"?

Say it ain't so Joe!

Ironically, Trump was impeached for the Biden family crimes. 2020 is a hell of a year.

Hopefully whoever tried to nick the Fox News memory stick at UPS can dump the contents onto Wikileaks.

Or Fox or Rudy Giuliani can via TOR and claim it was whoever nicked the memory stick wot dunnit.

Kinda 11th hour, mind.


I see Twitter relented last night and released the NY Post's Twitter account over the Biden article. Jack Dorsey claimed a small face saving technical correction with the credibility of a Soviet functionary.

Our MSM and sympathetic tech news platforms have allied against half the American people. Our "free press" have become TASS news agency North America. The USSR didn't really lose the Cold War to the West, they went underground and popped up west of the Iron Curtain.


Take a good look at the US. At the moment it's as close to your Libertarian paradise as anywhere is likely to ever get. Google is only the tip of the iceberg, along with Facebook. And if you think Trump is going to mention anything they're up to, especially Russia's recent propaganda efforts and ransomware hacks of hospitals, I've got a bridge in New York to sell you.

For example, Foxconn ran a huge scam on the state of Wisconsin:

The clip also mentions the Trump/corporate scam run on Indiana. It's going to be interesting to see if the Republicans jettison the Libertarian wing to try to stay relevant. My guess would be "no" because aside from the PR operation built on fake populism and culture war, they're all that's left of the party.

Excuse the bad writing. Google and Facebook aren't involved with the hospital hacks. Trump still won't mention them though. He wouldn't want to piss off his boss Putin.

Bob; For example, Foxconn ran a huge scam on the state of Wisconsin:

As usual when you have nothing and want to divert; you revert to ~whataboutuism~.

You read like an old book that has lost it’s novelty.

Loz (SoD) Hopefully whoever tried to nick the Fox News memory stick at UPS can dump the contents onto Wikileaks.

Not able to claim responsibility.



You're always exiting and new, but what do you think I'm diverting from? Oh yeah, Hunter Biden is the most important story of 2020. Does anyone actually believe that? Aside from you, I mean.


Your concession is accepted.

Oh Bob,

"He wouldn't want to piss off his boss Putin."

I see you missed that Bob so, you can catch up watching that.

Or I suppose, you could just read the damn report.


Don’t confuse Bob with the facts, his mind is made up.

I realize Wiggers it's more'n likely presenting facts in Bob's direction is probably futile it's just when he utters obvious bullshit to which there's ample evidence (on the record) I can't help but hope.


Sorry, I'm not going to watch a 2 hr video to get your point. If it's that Trump hasn't always acted in Russia's interest I'll concede that. But you can't deny he's deferential to Vlad. There's plenty of video that makes that point too.

And I've just decided Trump is the most incredible president we've ever had. So don't judge me until you look up "incredible".


And you're credible?

Correct me if I'm wrong but before you do why not get into the archives circa the posts you put up mid 2015 thru about mid 2017 searching, generally, the phrases 'He's promised he's gonna nuke France, The [ME] is gonna be a conflagration' variations on the theme, 'He's acting at the behest of Putin' [esp in the period just before he launched those 21 cruise missiles into Syria] - NATO generally, etc etc.

That stuff and you'd have me think you're not incredible?

Memory Lane's a bitch Bob.


I just repeated what Trump said himself:

"Donald Trump won’t rule out using nukes in Europe

‘I am not taking cards off the table,’ the Republican presidential hopeful said."

Now, I just might have used that and other stuff for effect ...

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