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Saturday, 31 October 2020


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David, does the memsahib expect you to talk to her from time to time or for you to listen to her from time to time?

Not really, Whiters!

Last time I saw her Kindle account she had ***523*** novels on there (that doesn't include the hundreds on the shelves), and that was 3 years ago when setting up the Amazon streaming (which they never used).

They don't even cohabit the same floor in the house! She's on the middle, Kindle super-glued to her mitts, and the Gaffer on the top floor in his attic garret banging out the digitals on the blog!

He drops off tea and toast while passing by the middle floor, and occasional conversation is heard. Normally nags about household chores, reminders of calendar events, complaints about the passing of wind while "en passant" (the stairs and landing being somewhat of an echo chamber), that sort of thing.

A scene all around the wrinkly world with variations no doubt. Oh Lordy, I just let one go while typing away here in bed with my phone and a curt voice hollowed from the bathroom, "Pardon!"

They've got bloody eagle ears haven't they?


SoD, I see, so like around our house here in this retirement community. In stead of floors we have a cottage style house which means the sections are laid out in blocks, the kitchen is front left, my room front right, Her room back right, living and dining rooms make the center with Her den and my study making up the back left. We can't hear each other most times around all the corners which aggravates Herself no end. Not me!

The first lockdown was bearable; we had nice weather and our neighbours took care of the shopping.

Now we have lots and lots of rain and wind. However, we have fought off lockdown depression - we have a 27 year old grand daughter living with us. Whole new experience!

BOE, 27 years old? She will obey a lockdown and be content? I'll bet the world view between you and her is quite something!

She left her job to come and live with us for a while. She swims and/or runs most days. She drags me up the pub (50 yards) most evenings. We watch TV and she reads a lot. Gets in lots of sleeping; says the fresh Cornish air is good for her. She was going back to NZ but that is on hold.

Fifty yards you say...she is a fine young lady.

'Drags you to the pub', BOE? Really?

Well BOE, seeing as how she's that athletically motivated couldn't you at least point her in the direction of that handcart (over here we call 'em 'a dolly') you moved to the pile long ago so that, she can make you up a litter and allow you to ride the fifty yards?

Seems to me the least she could do.

For example in my case, I've a granddaughter near the same age who, when she "asks" to attend the tactical practices me'n my friends twice monthly run, her assignment is to refill our magazines. (And occasionally to re-arrange the odd sand bags whenever one of us old farts switches out at the bench.)

(In case Bob visits and hasn't a clue to either magazines or sandbags, that's 'long-range marksmanship practice' - the ladies generally tending to pistols at ten paces.)

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