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Thursday, 29 October 2020


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What a gift communist China gave to the global ruling class! A well timed pandemic put in the hands of "experts" and a craven corrupt world press just waiting to sow fear in the minds of newly resurgent citizens trying to shake off the new feudal order. Governments can order people to close their businesses, stay home, cover up and as a bonus, we'll subsidize you with money we don't yet have! What a wonder! Do this long enough and people begin to believe that sustenance comes from the benevolent State, not one's own labor. There is something very familiar in this plan.

Oh, Nigel comes through again on Twitter:

Nigel Farage
Oct 26
And then sell it to China?
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Joe Biden
· Oct 26
In 8 days, we’re going to take our democracy back.

It's a pity our leaders read it as "Just keep buggering up".

Good to hear from you again, Uncle Mort, and your wit remains as dry as usual!

I'm about to say something I have never said before. So I'm going to qualify it first.

So long as it is entirely ring-fenced and ready to be removed from the statue books at the slightest notice, and so long as the money GOES DIRECT TO THE BENEFICIARIES AND NOWHERE NEAR THE STATE, then ... I support an increase in taxes on those who are lucky enough, like me, to be in work, to pay for the unemployment benefit and retraining of those made work-less by Covid.

The money slushing around the accounts of those who haven't filled their cars up, or had to pay for a season ticket, or, forfend it God, not had a Costa or Pret-a-Manager since March, should be lifted-and-shifted, in part or maybe whole, to help those transitioning to new careers.

Maggie did it, so it's the right thing to do (both meanings of right).


Sometimes, not too frequently, I actually like you. Thank you for recognising genuine hardship and not blaming people for the dreadful circumstances in which they find themselves through no fault of their own.

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