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Friday, 16 October 2020


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David, it is a once in a lifetime chance for this generation to get of their knees and stop grovelling to the EU beaurocrats. On this anniversary of the Battle of Britain it is a great time to leave. Da, Da, Da, Da da da da da.

Promises to be an adventure.

I'm hopeful! Did you see his broadcast telling us that it was going to be no deal? Eyes bright, animated, and laughing quietly. The old Boris is back, and it looks as if he's been leaving all the boring covid stuff to that nonentity Hancock so that he could deliver what he promised. A man who enjoys the fight inspires confidence!

Yo Andra!

Friend of yours?

Associate perhaps?

G'day JK,

All this is at the other end of the country to Andra. My neck of the woods actually.

This whole grant copped a fair bit of flack but it wasn't until Peta Credlin started to forensically pull the whole misguided disaster apart that the funding was withdrawn. If it hadn't been for her this disaster of a grant would have remained.

Credlin was the personal staffer to Prime Minister Tony Abbot and one cool efficient operator. She has also done a job on the embarrassment who is Premier of this once great State.

There is plenty more of her work on Youtube.

It'll be a shit-show.

And you know it.

Only from the ruins might something worthwhile arise.

And maybe not even then.


Poor Macron who opposes the UK leaving the EU dictatorship is now having to defend free speech and democracy in his Islamic infested State.

I reckon AussieD, you'll be happy to know I only spent a very tiny smidgen of time wondering whether I'd "enjoy myself more" addressing that swill your way?

God we got the same sorta moonbats getting likewise grants flushing down toilets up here in this hemisphere as well.

JK - what Aussie D said. Peta Credlin is doing a great job in trying to keep the bastards honest.

I watched some of her stuff Andra, AussieD.

She's for damn sure way way above Suzannie Gumpous level analyst capacity.

(Damn shame we Americans can only get honest news from Australian TV.)

The other Battle for Britain needs fighting:

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