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Tuesday, 06 October 2020


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What's the point of having a god-given right to own a gun if you can't shoot people with it?

You want to talk about a shootin' justification, just visit one part of North Carolina and criticize their barbecue and say the other half of the State's is better. God help you! Btw, in NC, barbecue is a noun not a verb.

They should have done it British-style: acid and a knife.

I can see his problem - well actually problems.

Firstly he has a girl's first name - Andra. That has had to have been a problem growing up.

Secondly his surname is Crokett so he has displacement issues. He is in the wrong State. Reliable sources [i.e. Disney] place the Crocketts in Tennessee.

The wrong dressing on his burger was just one thing too many.

And it was all "the Donald's" fault anyway. Just ask Democrat.

Bloody fingers won't work properly.

Just ask a Democrat .

Speaking of politics: Now's as good a time as any to remind y'all Ill Duce said exactly what I predicted:

"In a comparison disputed by public health experts, President Donald Trump likened the coronavirus to the seasonal flu Tuesday and said Americans can learn to live with Covid-19."

He's also turned the White House into a covid hot spot with somewhere around 20 WH personnel testing positive so far. At least Boris had the sense to isolate. Btw, I thought I was over it at least twice before it really kicked in.

Let's bear in mind the WuFlu is a coronavirus.

As is [are] what's been known throughout the ages as "the common cold."

Are we to bunker down each time and at every instance some thing threatens which may cause us some discomfort, for some perhaps even death?

Incidentally as it happens at my September VA physical, as is the lab techs usual practice, they took this time nine vials of blood instead of (as I recall the "normal") eight vials.

Turns out the extra was to determine whether I had "the antibody" (signalling past Covid exposure).

I tested positive for the antibody. So last week they "asked me" to return so they could test further so to determine whether the first test was a 'false positive' - this morning they call and tell me I too am now listed officially "in the statistics." They went on to explain that, "as best they could tell" [ELIZA test] I "suffered [my] Covid back in February."

Good thing they told me 'cause otherwise I'da kept thinking the reason my breathing was so labored, my tummy was upset, and highly unusually for me my "suffering" some headaches I'da kept putting down what turns out to've been Covid rather than my thirty or so minutes fighting that house-fire I knew I did back in January.

Profuse apologies Bob - I suppose now it's just possible I was the carrier wot caused your Covid.

Okay okay so I misspelled the name of the test. Turns out I had some previous ones done too. The 'wot's wot' that got me in this VA regime is because of something that happened years ago, while I was still active duty.

Then later as DNA technology got to some specific point VA asked me whether I'd be amenable to participating (as a subject) in some sort of genetics study some sort of group of swots dreamed up with the stated goal of possibly enabling said swots to make predictions that'd help 'em design better medical mousetraps.

So I filled out the paperwork and here we are.

I googled the name "Andra" once and found hundreds of black men in America are called Andra. Who knew?

Andra, you have an extensive family?

Australians and American blacks Whitewall.

Yes she's an extended family. Extremely so afterall, Andra does call Queensland her home neighborhood.

Which I suppose is the best of all possible worlds as, no male so far as I'm aware has been tagged with the name 'Andra' in Tasmania.

(*Otherwise it'd been a "concockted tail" which, seeing as how D&N is a PG-14 site, the explanations woulda probably gone sideways.)

Yes Andra, I remain your evermore. And Whitewall is, pretty goldarn presumptuous for even suggesting otherwise.

You should be ashamed of yourself Whitewall.

JK, workin' on it boss!

Aah, JK - my knight in greasy overalls. What would I do without you?

That's what I'm here for!

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