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Friday, 23 October 2020


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If buffoon means: Keeping rocket-man in his silo, scuffing up the mad mullahs, turning Dirty Erdy onto Assad, Vlad and the hairies, getting a resumption of diplomatic relations between Israel and UAE and Bahrain, and giving the biggest tax break in history to the people at the expense of the swamp, then "Buffoon beats loon!" any time!


What SoD said. I'll take Trump and his pro America results any day as opposed to the Democrat's "cleanest dirty shirt" and his far lefty running mate 'heels up Harris'. America's allies should pray for the same.

Anyway David, y'all might convince this lady to move to the US?

If you can I'll get my Congress-critters to change our Constitution so we can elect her our next President!

David, as one who occasionally plays a scientist on this blog, I must object to your sentence "His ego is of such immense proportions that, like a black hole in space, no light is permitted to enter." Actually, the gravity of a black hole is so immense that no light can exit. That's why it's black.

Of course all politicians lie. That's what they're paid to do. If a politician accidentally tells the truth over here it's called a "gaffe".

However, I also must object to your description of Mr. Trump. During the first debate it seemed he should be surrounded by animal control officers with long poles tipped with nooses and nets. Last night he was a perfect gentleman, except for the non-stop lying and bizarre conspiracy references. Give us a break.


Mr. Trump started off selling real estate, the same skill set as selling used cars. Agree or disagree with him he usually get the better of a negotiation

He also has a good grasp of common sense and tactical intuition.

Very far from perfect, just far better than any one the opposition is putting up.


Off subject. Is this just PR?

Well Hank,

It's a capable ship for sure.

That said I haven't been being so attentive to specific Russian naval weapons platforms as I have in the past.

So you'll have to give me some time to get email to some of my old contacts. There is some sort of (reputed) hypersonic ballistic ASM currently undergoing sea trials I've heard about but as best as I recall its getting to the fleet is (likely) at least a couple of years off.

I allowed my clearances to expire so what I'm probably gonna get is, again probably, already open-sourced.

Well, I never thought I'd agree with SoD but yes, the buffoon beats the loon any day.

Ahoy AussieD, Andra!

Appears to me y'all had some fun down there!

Lordy I wish I could still handle to gs.

Sorry I missed it.
Come on down next year and we'll all go together. Looks like fun. You can show us your touch and goes!

Mr. Trump is the most law abiding man ever to reach the Presidency. We know that because the FBI etc. have just spent four years investigating his affairs and found nothing. Sure they were nominally investigating Russian collusion, but they got one of his assistants on something unrelated that happened in 2005. If they'd found anything at all we'd have been told.
He takes no salary!
Also he has either delivered on his promises or been thwarted by the opposition
Biden has been on the take for decades, only kept out of trouble by political influence. His position changed as it suits his interests. The only achievement in 47 years is a crime bill which he now repudiates. And he's just as aggressive as Trump, but now near senile and unable to carry it off.

America deserved being screwed by continually voting for clowns like Obama, Clinton, Bush etc. Their country really does have a large amount of people with IQs measured in minus figures.

Trump is the American Peoples fightback after Obama when they realised what was going on. Not all realise it yet but enough do to get him in again.

My concern is who will be there to replace Trump in 4 years. The Republican party had better start on getting rid of the dinosaurs that are there now.

Their country really does have a large amount of people with IQs measured in minus figures.

After death people have IQs of zero. And you a Lord. It's a shame, really.

Lord T, your keyboard to God's ear!

G'day JK,

Looks awfully uncomfortable being strapped into one of those very fast targets.

Yup AussieD,

But, if and when it happens there's very little time about the meantime.

Of course allowing 'overflighting' condensed civilian areas so compresses what little time there is that one "generally" does the right thing.

(Though I'm relatively convinced that, watching from a lower perspective it likely wouldn't seem so. Still an' all whatever might be from a near supersonic at aloft would be preferable to getting hit by a bus at city limits speed.)

If there's one thing "we" should have learned by now what with this Covid Panthingy it's that alot of our existence is a relative thing.

You having stared at the darkest abyss I'm confident know that. That some of our loudest complainers don't continues to amaze me.

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