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Friday, 02 October 2020


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The wokeist left cannot accept Shakespeare on his own magnificent terms. Their minds are closed to him - and probably all art - because they see everything in terms of how they can use it to advance their own agenda. They use people, institutions, countries, and art. The glory of the European bourgeois was that he or she had the leisure and education to try to look at the world as it really is, and at art as it is actually presented to us. A dying breed, it seems.

It all started, as far as Bill's works go, with the likes of the Bell Shakespeare Company, doing the minimalist all dressed in black and no props guff.

The only one of Bill's plays I ever walked out on was one of these travesties of the great man's works.

A pox on them all.

They apparently don't realise the bard's works were written a long time ago. There's a parallel with "those cows are far away, Dougal".

Keep Shakespeare and do away with the PC-woke culture killers.

Bill had one thing the Woke will never have -- Talent. Their insanely jealous.

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