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Saturday, 10 October 2020


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The National Death Service is a self-serving top-heavy bureaucracy which has been allowed to forget its raison d'etre. Despite this, there are countless numbers of decent people in there trying to do their best in the face of inconsistent, wasteful, inept and just plain wrong instructions from on high. It's time a lot of managers were removed and replaced by people who know what they're doing. That would automatically exclude politicians, whose knowledge of anatomy doesn't allow them to accurately differentiate arse and elbow.

*Funny story somewhat related to your post Lawrence:

Back in February when I duly reported to the VA "my sufferings" resulting from what I figured had to be a result of my January 28th housefire I further asked them what I could do to improve my condition.

They mailed me a list of ten suggestions number one bolded read:

Stay away from hospitals!

(And yes the exclamation mark was present.)

After writing this post today I bumped into an old friend and her partner on our daily Covid stroll. The friend knew someone who went into hospital with serious Covid, ended up in ICU. The airbed had a puncture and so he laid directly on the bed base and the staff didn't turn him often enough so he got bed sores, some the size of golf balls in depth and width. Another fortune was spent grafting his skin around to patch-up his wrecked back. When the lawyers were brought in, 4 pages of notes were "missing" from the case notes around the time of his being in ICU. Twice the work plus another negligence court case to be paid for by Blighty's tax payers.


If you were responsible for protecting the health of the UK would you act with an over-abundance of caution or just bound along repeating that everything's going to be great? We've tried the latter over here with something less than yugely fantastic results. There are now 34 confirmed cases with direct ties to the White House, which is more than the 17 lowest cases countries'.

How many deaths Bob have occurred as a result of "the WH hotspot"?

For that matter, how many truly awful, medical-therapy-wise cases resulted?

Appears to me the only people really "concerned" all have some relation to the Washington press corp.


Sure. Nothing is ever Trump's fault. It's always the press or Democrats'.

Bob you're aware that highly contagious infections are non-discriminating that, sooner or later "everybody" is gonna come into contact with the contagion?

How then is it you insinuate I'm "blaming" everybody but Trump?

Actually I lay whatever "blame" is to be assigned to, every respiring creature. It's airborne transmission doncha know?

Don't wanna get infected? It's simple actually - stop breathing air.

Of course ceasing one's respiration does lead to its own set of inconveniences.


The number of people who get covid is related, to some extent, to the way political leadership serves as an example. Trump has consistently denied the seriousness of the pandemic and is still saying it's disappearing, despite all the evidence otherwise. He was slow to react. He handled it incompetently and spread it through the White House. He politicized public health thinking it would somehow give him an edge in electoral politics. He tried to avoid responsibility by pushing off nearly all of it to governors and local officials. We'll see how well it works for him.

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