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Sunday, 18 October 2020


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David, if you perform your version of the Highland fling, can you please get it on video?!

Whiters, the only 'Highland fling' of which I am capable these days is tossing - not the caber - but a wee dram down my throat!

Anyone who has visited San Francisco in recent years will have noticed that one of the world’s most beautifully positioned cities has turned into an American dystopia. Nowhere in the first world is actual inequality more pronounced. The proximity of Silicon Valley has made property unaffordable to anyone below the millionaire class. And when that class comes down from their towers or ventures into the centre of the city they encounter sights rarely seen outside of a zombie movie.

Ye gods, what a crock. Since when have millionaires or inequality been distasteful to the right? I smell sour grapes from a hack who doesn't like blue states. The Bay Area is beautiful despite the nouveau riche. The worst thing about it is probably having to breathe smoke from the yearly wildfires.

I vowed not to comment again, in deference to your favourite bully, but I visited SF in 2018. It's much the same as it was twenty years ago. Obviously, the place hasn't moved so it has its geographical advantages. I didn't see any more destitute people than I've observed in every world city. Please people, if I have one comment it's how dirty your bins are..overflowing and filthy. Seeing as you have to push a heavy metal flap to open the slot it means getting very dirty whilst trying to do the right thing. Otherwise it's still lovely and we walked the streets safely.

Bob, Douglas Murray is a distinguished conservative writer so that fact alone puts him beyond your pale! You really must try and get out more often, metaphorically as well as physically!

Mary, it is excellent to see you back at D&N again. Please - pretty please! - don't leave us again!

By George and all the Saints, the Sunday rumble! Good to see you back again firing on all (or most) of your cylinders, Gaffer!


Well at least that's one border we won't have to spend money building if the Sweaties up sticks and off with a Scexit ...

"Apart from the aqueduct, ..., etc., etc., ..., and now the border wall, what have the Romans ever done for us, eh?"


SoD, you do realize that British history didn't begin until the Scots learned how to climb "the wall"? If they leave, they will return, wall or no.


Sorry. I meant "a distinguished conservative hack".

A number of acquaintances of mine enjoyed adult children with their own new families (five in all) making the move to Arkansas (one daughter & new husband to eastern Oklahoma) from the Bay Area in the past 18 months.

They all, to a person, mentioned their "being daily subjected to the smell" but it wasn't burnt forests they described as being odoriferously assaulted by.

The school age kids being, generally, amazed they were being allowed so much "unguarded" freedom of movement.

See 'Related Episodes' lower right.

My sister lives in SF and says this article is just too kind.

Missred, that article backs up what people I know say after visiting within the last year. A liberal bastion like this for too long without adult supervision will eventually become SF. Too bad.

Btw, old e-pal, it's good to see you writing more again. The damn virus is a little depressing. In old age we hope to spend our remaining time doing pleasant things like dining out, theater, symphonies, and so on. OK, enough of that. Stiff upper lip an' all, what? Haw, haw.

California has historically had a larger homeless population than most other states for a simple reason: The weather is nearly benign in the southern half. When I lived there in the 1980's the homeless were mostly illegal immigrants, down-on-their-luck types and the mentally ill. I've heard anecdotally more people from other parts of the country are making their ways out there to try to find work. Gavin Newsome has little control over the national economy. If we get to a point mortgages are foreclosed en masse it's going to get a lot worse. During the Great Depression the tent cities were called "Hoovervilles" after Herbert Hoover. Maybe tents will be called "Trump towers" this time around.

C'mon Mary,

Buttress Bob.

Point by point.

"California has historically had a larger homeless population than most other states for a simple reason: The weather is nearly benign in the southern half."

"[T]he homeless were mostly illegal immigrants, down-on-their-luck types and the mentally ill." (Although presently as I understand it, typing 'illegal immigrant' can now get one charged with a crime if in, the jurisdiction of that state - hedge your bets if Mary, you've got a room reserved in the near term.)

"I've heard anecdotally more people from other parts of the country are making their ways out there to try to find work."

From which 'parts of the country' Bob, even anecdotally?

Jalisco? Maybe Chihuahua? Baja?

"Gavin Newsome has little control over the national economy."

I'm pretty sure Bob I can find in the archives statements from you characterizing California as "comprising 'just a bit less than ¾ of the entire US economy' and yet you'd have him exercising "little control"? ... Agricultural exports you should remember Bob exit via California ports [via container ships] and as agricultural exports are a mainstay of total US exports you'd have us think - by way of California's state government's regulation of 'ports work' [think longshoremen] "Newsome has little control"?

"Maybe tents will be called "Trump towers" this time around."

Maybe so Bob but I'm betting not.


I'm fairly sure I never claimed California is 'just a bit less than ¾ of the entire US economy', which is absurd. According to Statistica it's just under 15%. And you can relax, Gavin Newsome doesn't control the US economy any more than Qanon contains a pinch of sanity.

I could pick out any city or small town anywhere and write an article making it sound like Hell on Earth just by turning up the contrast on some aspects and down on others. You might have noticed the current Republican narrative is to point out the evils of the big cities because they're nearly all run by Democrats. This is just standard political cheap shooting designed to corral country folk.

That's not to say CA doesn't have housing problems. I have a nephew who moved from Mountainview, which is near SF, closer to the Central Valley because rent in the area became unaffordable about a year ago. This morning I saw a news piece about CA towns turning shipping containers into emergency housing. The same kind of thing is happening around big cities all over the world. It's been made worse lately because of pandemic job losses.

Bob, containers are used as permanent housing in London. Lack of space and a growing population requires imagination. More people means more arable land used for housing. A few hundred thousand more Mexicans in the USA could win the election for Trump!


Thanks for backing me up on housing problems being common all over the world. I'm not sure Mexicans are big Trump voters, though. You might be thinking of Cubans.

And for JK too, news from near me:

"A police recruit in northwestern Indiana was fired less than 24 hours after the department was notified that the officer was involved in a neo-Nazi online chat forum."

Maybe BLM isn't just making this kind of stuff up.

Bob,are you saying the copper was fired for having an opinion?

Bob,are you saying the copper was fired for having an opinion?

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