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Sunday, 25 October 2020


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"impeccably clear English!"
At the rate things are going, doing so will no longer be allowed because of uber wokeness. The left hates impeccable.

‘a man of remarkable gifts, flawed by an absence of conscience, principle or scruple’

The "special relationship" continues with our taste in so-called leaders.


It's considered ill form for one to write his own review.

Has Hamilton really become the greatest racing driver of all time? How would he fare in a race with the true greats of motor racing, such as Moss, Fangio, Hill (the elder), or Mansell, in the cars they drove at the time, especially Moss and Fangio. Lewis's cars, built by Mercedes (no slave labour used in vehicle construction since 1945) is basically a HAL2000 on wheels and, I would suggest, suitable for any fairly competent driver. Can't wait till Lewis wants to steer right, and the car responds with, "I'm sorry, Lewis, I can't do that."
Much mention of his (black) father's contribution, but little about that of his (white) mother. But then, of course, BLM.
Too big for his driving shoes and who thinks his opinions are worth more than people who live in the real world.

Well JK, aren't we daintily politically correct.

What Penseivat said.

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