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Tuesday, 13 October 2020


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Except that we, like Germany, would have been giving rather than receiving.

We'll have nothing to give soon enough, Wiggers, and we'll be on the receiving end again like 1975 when we were bailed out by the IMF, if that's what you're after.


The Germans are hollowing out the EU. 40% youth unemployment in Spain; 30% in Italy. Sooner or later the whole thing will implode and the Germans will be rewarded.

Luckily for the UK, we voted out in 2016.

"Your meddling in continental affairs, and trying to make yourselves a great military power, instead of attending to the sea and commerce, will yet be your ruin as a nation. You were greatly offended with me for having called you a nation of shopkeepers. Had I meant by this that you were a nation of cowards, you would have had reason to be displeased; even though it were ridiculous and contrary to historical facts; but no such thing was ever intended. I meant that you were a nation of merchants, and that all your great riches, and your grand resources arose from commerce, which is true." - (attributed to) Napoleon

Maybe invading the Falkland Islands again would make you feel better. And yes, I do see the irony in an American writing this.

Try and be accurate Bob. We didn't invade the Falklands, we liberated them.


And it was less expensive than liberating Iraq.

Iraqi Freedom was and is a misnomer.

That was an invasion.

Bob, you are delusional or just lying.The UK Army is not large enough to defend itself. Us old guys me and David Duff would have to manouver our zimmers to the front line using public transport.


Some sense here:


Thank you. I will seek help immediately.


Then why did the Bush II administration originally name it "Operation Iraqi Liberation"? Just because the acronym is OIL?

Well Bob the rendering of our Fourth Amendment was called 'The Patriot Act' if you'll recall.

Something about GW's naming conventions I suppose.

Looks like "No Deal" with the EU. Leave. There never was going to e a deal.

be. Dammit.

Whitewall. The EU will not accept the integrity of the land and sea UK borders. The EU are a dictatorship. It is soo sad that many countries are now economically under the thumb of this mob of criminals moreso the Irish Republic and the poorer Southern EU States. Maybe they will get some bottle and recover their pride, hopefully!

Jimmy, I guess something had to replace the USSR.

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