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Monday, 26 October 2020


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But the perps will claim asylum and be here In perpetuity, just like those guys who hijacked the plane.

"that handful of Nigerian 'wannabe' immigrants to Britain"

...are now actually "immigrants to Britain". They are currently being dealt with by a different SBS, the Special Benefits Service.

Special Boat Service. Don't they belong to the Royal Marines who in turn belong to the Royal Navy?

Just asking.


Bob, Why do those refugees try and enter the UK and the USA when we are such bastards? Is it really so bad outside the UK/USA? People are crossing through EU States and South American States tae get tae us! What is happening in the World Bob?

The Captain and crew would have known of the takeaways long before they reached UK waters. Why wait until then to request assistance? Backhanded in Brown envelopes, methinks.

"stowaways". Damn Otto Korrekt. May he burn in hell.


The ME and Central and South America are all unstable because of war and militarized politics. Refugees want safety by definition.

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