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Friday, 20 November 2020


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I have two cousins in the SAS. Luckily they are now both retired but I'm quite sure they would be absolutely horrified by this report, as are all Australians.

Andra, I am only surprised that you were not in it as well! I just know you would have 'breezed' the selection course!

The rumours have been around for a long time in Service circles and are now out in the open. Two of my son's close friends served as Officers in the SAS. Fortunately neither of them in the period covered in the report.

Like all allegations of criminality I will wait on the proceedings before a court where the allegations can be tested before I condemn anyone.

If found to be true then the actions are inexcusable.

In respect to the senior officers the following is worth a close read. I doubt it will be applied - nothing to see here, move along.

I am mainly concerned that every politician I have seen talking about this (including the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence) is prejudging the case and assuming guilt. Politicians at least should respect that the case is sub-judice and not pre-guess the results.

Yeah, it's a tricky one, sort of thing that's gonna run and run until the vaccine arrives.

No not the Covid vaccine, the vaccine against the pol gene that makes them send us to war and us compliant in it.


So we take the most violent of the guys we have, we train them to kill without remorse and then they actually kill people they think are threats that would get away with it.

Colour me shocked.

Then a few pearl clutchers make a fuss over it and they have to defend themselves decades later.

We see the same thing with Plod to a different extent.

The West has learned a bad habit of fighting to win, and then begin apologizing for it. The East has no such restriction. I suspect the facts and truth of this incident will be slow coming to give everyone safely not involved the opportunity to condemn those who were at the sharp end.

Aye Lord T, AussieD.

AussieD's link suggests to me that the pols "allowed" this guy

And others, to get "in theater" 'have some 'splainin' to do.

We see the same thing with Plod to a different extent.

Same down here. The Victoria Police copped a spray from the Coroner after a nutter called Gargasoulas went troppo in his car and mowed down a number of pedestrians in the Bourke Street Mall. He killed six and injured more.

The street coppers who could have stopped his car with their own were prevented from doing so because of a lack of intestinal fortitude on the part of some senior Officers who had been promoted above their pay grade.

The front line police are in a no win situation with their Command and the "gummint" afraid to go in hard where needed.

How long before we see the Ozzie branch of “Public Interest Lawyers” and Phil Shiner.

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