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Thursday, 12 November 2020


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Yes, Boris has a cock-up problem.

"If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow." - Theodore Roosevelt

I would not take much notice of the anti brexit press and EUBBC.

It's ok, I won't say I told you so.

Instead I'll let Allister Heath do it ...

The old Britain is gone, replaced by a jaded, poorer, more indebted, more risk-averse and, above all, more collectivist economy.

Gone is any notion of a free trading, globalised Britain, open to the capital and people of the world. Earnings will become pointless as the state consumes the fruits of any labour with exponential voracity.

It's the 1970's again. Blighty's state, once constrained by Margaret Thatcher's Single Market, Four Freedoms, and State Aid Rules, the missing jigsaw piece in Blighty's constitution, that kept her more prosperous and free for the 30 years before 2016 than ever in her history, is now sinking Blighty into "Long Covid Socialism". The patient will never recover.

The story of the past nine months all over the Western world is one of state failure on a colossal scale, ended only by the extraordinary capitalist miracle that is Big Pharma: the script could almost have been written by Ludwig von Mises or Ayn Rand. Yet this risks not making any difference to the Left-wards, socialist shift triggered by the virus and our response to it.

Capitalism saving the day from state failure. A script written by Ludwig Von Mises and Ayn Rand. Who'd a thunk it, eh? Libertarianism predicts the calamity and saves the day.

The answer, as far as the Resolution Foundation, a purveyor of the centre-Left technocratic consensus in economic policy, is concerned, is eye-watering tax hikes, a move which would further depress long-term growth. In time, at that rate, we would become a self-governing version of Italy: a country that has stagnated for two decades.

The dream of a dynamic, post-Brexit buccaneering Britain would be dead and buried: there is no path for the UK to thrive, no combination of other ingenious Tory policies that can save us if our tax and spending levels end up at Continental levels. Forget about levelling up: we would end up dragged down to the level of the worst-performing European nations unless we begin to react very differently.

"Unless we begin to react very differently." No chance. If the voluntary straitjacket of the Single Market, Four Freedoms, and State Aid Rules is off, then the involuntary straitjacket of the IMF and externally imposed budget cuts will inevitably be put on. Or Blighty will descend into civil war.

When Her Maj said 5 years ago "Give me three reasons why Blighty shouldn't do Brexit?", I replied, "The prosperity of the UK, the unity of the UK, and peace in the UK".

1 down, 2 to go.


"Or Blighty will descend into civil war". What with and by whom?

The Paddies, the Sweaties, the Underclass, BLM/Antifa, the Islamists, the regions of England, the urban vs rural, the public sector.

You pays yer money and yer takes yer choice.

What with? We may be undered in the AR15 and 7.62mm link department compared to Uncle Sam, although the Paddies will surely sort that out with their Dem buddies, as and when required.


Whitewall & Loz, you can be a pessimist all your life and believe in something that will never happen.

An simple inspiration for you Boris.

& That, or 'This' as the case may be

This is how the state of Blighty is being run, as we speak ...

How 'Carrie's Crew' saw off the 'Brexit Boys'.

Telegraph has been told that so-called "Brexit Boys" working inside Government under the control of Mr Cummings and Mr Cain had taken to calling Ms Symonds "Princess Nut Nuts" behind her back.

A source said she [Carrie Symonds] was labelled a "princess" for allegedly being high maintenance and acting regally. The first "nut", according to the source, alluded to her being "crazy" – there is no evidence for that – while the second "nuts" reference comes from a belief among the "Brexit Boys" clique that she bears some facial similarity to a squirrel.

Ms Symonds, however, has had the last laugh. On Wednesday, she intervened to prevent Mr Cain's elevation to chief of staff.

Princess Nut Nuts, leader of the "Carrie Crew", and who looks like a squirrel, battles with "the Brexit Boys", and finally wins the day. Like some Enid Blyton "girls vs boys" illustrated child's storybook, based in a fictional public school called Westminster where the fees are £80,000 a year and paid for by you.

Earlier this week I had my eyeball removed, filleted, the jelly sucked out, my retina lasered and spot welded by frozen nitrogen, and a gas bubble inserted where the jelly once was. I watched this for an hour under a local anaesthetic, a most spectacular fractal light show as my visual cortex screamed "WTF are you doing to me?!", at least on a par with my hallucinogenic youth. As I read the goings on I'm wondering if perhaps the op has triggered some acid flashback that I might have to ride through for the next few days?

Alas no, entertaining though would have been while sitting here blind as a bat in one eye and a headache like someone slotted a skewer through my noggin from ear to ear, it is actually the reality of how the state of Blighty is being operated, right now.

The sooner the markets wake up to the reality and round on these "freaks and misfits", and the IMF, the involuntary external strait-jacket, arrives to replace the discarded voluntary external strait-jacket of the EU Single Market, Four Freedoms, and State Aid Rules, with budget constraints, fiscal sanity, state aid restrictions, and obligatory good governance, the better.


What is a politician supposed to do? If he/she/shim runs for the job and says I will do this and this, and then does exactly what he/she/shim says...God help them! He will lose the next election for keeping his word. The public seems to demand to know your positions and beliefs but really they want a proper liar when the time comes.

Whitewall, Churchill said the truth must protected behind a veil of lies.

Jimmy, alas he did. We just lost a once in a lifetime pol who made a habit of "saying the quiet parts out loud". Refreshing.

Just happened upon that post as I was finishing the last of the coffee before executing my plan to get a new phone (and service) later today.

One piece of advice, don't bother to try to comment on that site it's a bitch.

Batten down the hatches boys 'n girls 'n rig for high seas!

What the covid crisis has done is remind the public they like a structured society that provides reasonable assistance, and that science is actually fairly useful, even if it does occasionally get in the way of comfortable orthodoxy. Science might also keep the global climate from killing most humans, which could be justifiably considered worthy of some "obsession".

Ayn Rand stories are marvels. All the rich people are titanic contributors to the good of mankind. None have inheritances that let them live frivolously. None have stolen or cheated. None make it by simply shuffling paper or using computers for high speed trading. There is no such thing as thuggery or usury or Ponzi schemes or any of the other less admirable attachments to money. Her little morality plays are set in an idiotically fictional world.

Bob, do you think humans are a preferable species on this planet?

The public like a structured society and think science is fairly useful?

In spite of intense brainwashing through the MSM and state education, the public have never been so sceptical about structured society and science.

If the MSM and state education had broadcast and taught even a balanced mix of content and information, let alone the unexpurgated truth, we'd have thrown out the state science and climate charlatans years ago.

Capitalism and fossil fuels solved the climate change and weather problem for mankind. 500,000 people died worldwide every year from climate and weather 100 years ago. Today it's 20,000. Capitalism and fossil fuels gave mankind the products and services to dodge the worst excesses of the climate and weather and save 480,000 lives a year.

Thereby, climate change, the best thing that's ever happened to this planet, that made life possible and sustained it, clearing up the mess of the dominant species by raking back and forth, pole to pole, and churning and turning the earth, gets to continue doing its wonderful, non-linear system in mathematical chaos, thing, and we get to move with her.

In the unlikely event your state scientists ever flat line the climate and strait-jacket Gaia, you'll be the ones to destroy life on earth. A truly psychopathic endeavour.

The "structured society" of the West, I guess that's your new euphemism for the state, was given the responsibility for dealing with health and pandemics, and the science around it. It has completely failed. Instead the supermarkets and pharmas, the bastions of capitalism, were the only successful operations whose game was up to the challenge of Covid.

Your lies and poison that massacre Brits and Americans in their thousands, and Africans at the rate of 600,000 a year, through weaselly worded pronouncements like your previous comment, and pumped out by state education and the MSM, are truly sickening Bob.


Here you go Bob, is this the kind of "structured society meets science" the people have been craving for so long? ...

Nancy Pelosi, paragon of "structured society", and "the Office of Attending Physician", a head honcho of state science, propose an indoor gala lunch to welcome the freshman lawmakers, while the rest of America juggles its lockdowns and considers cancelling Thanks Giving?

Oh Lordy, you couldn't make it up. How long will this take?



We're the best we have.


If Nancy Pelosi = structured society, we're in deep trouble. Don't give up your programming work to be a climate scientist.

Btw, SoD,

The Don has evidently bought into Libertarianism:

"Could Trump's Next Fed Chair Be A "Goldbug? ...

"The good news is that Ms. Shelton is not a technically trained academic economist, indoctrinated in the prevailing orthodoxy. She holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of Utah and has spent most of her career in the world of free-market policy think tanks, including stints at the Hoover Institute and the Atlas Network. She also writes refreshingly and articulately in favor of the gold standard, or some version of it.

The bad news is that she leans heavily toward supply-side economics, which is deeply flawed on monetary policy. Like most supply-siders, the position she advocates may be summed up in the motto, “I favor sound money—and plenty of it.”

Maybe you could explain to others here how a return to the gold standard would make the rich gigantically richer in one move. So much for a working class Trumpanista party.

Sorry, forgot the link:

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