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Wednesday, 18 November 2020


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I believe that the more commonly used phrase is "herding cats". I own a few chickens and they're very cooperative when called for supper. They run.

Send your condolences to Boris. At the risk of sounding crude, which I'm prepared to take, he looks like shit. Do carry on.

Obviously there weren't enough experienced anti-semites in Starmer's team, so they needed to reinstate Corbyn. Interesting that he still hasn't accepted the findings on the EHRC, which is what he was booted out for. Not even sorry!

The Labour Party is allied with the Palestinians. It is therefore anti-Israel and anti-semitic.

Does the Labor Party check for knives when they hold their meetings? Bolshies have a knack for bringing rib ticklers.

Sir Keir might not be beloved, but he's still more popular than Boris:

This is to be expected. People who look like shit rarely earn the public's trust.

And if he has what it is going to take, does Labour want it? Some will, some won't so it could be worth the popcorn.

Bob, Boris defeated Labour because of Corbyn and Starmer dithering about Brexit. Trump is doing a rearguard action just like the UK remainers. If you believe in the democratic process then accept the result. We on the anti EEC 1975 campaign accepted the result but were vindicated by the expected years of corruption and jobs for the boys.


I accepted the result in 2016, and if Trump somehow overturns the election in court I'll accept that too, though I'll probably live out my life enjoying the weather in Baja, Mexico. However, so far he's won 1 case and lost somewhere around 30. Don't wager on him staying in the White House.

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