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Tuesday, 10 November 2020


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"what a strange process it is for a bunch of people to climb onto a stage and pretend to be what they are not and for hundreds of other people to accept the illusion!"

Surely you mean millions of other people... Oh hang on, you don't mean the Presidential election.

Uncle Mort, you are a very naughty but funny boy!

I, also, do miss the theatre, but for very different reasons. My first foray into treading the boards was as a walk on part in a medieaval romantic play (I forget the title) where, as a star crossed lover, I was supposed to walk on the stage holding a rose and, holding it to my nose, say "Ah, the sweet, sweet, smell of my love." No great problem, you may think. However, things did not go as planned. I did walk slowly onto the stage; I did hold up my hand and say the required line, resulting in a torrent of laughter from the audience. The stage manager was apoplectic. Why? because I had forgotten to pick up the rose and hold it in my hand, ending up sniffing my fingers.
Unfortunately, that was not the end of my stage career. Not wishing to get rid of a dogsbody, I was made assistant stage manager which meant I ended up doing everything that no one else wanted to do.
The murder play was the end of my artistic life. The first act of a crime drama ended with the victim of a stabbing falling to the stage floor. Curtain closed. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the timing and the curtain opened with me kneeling over the 'victim', pouring tomato ketchup on his chest. My defence was what else else was I supposed to do? I HAD to eat him!

Penseivat, you had the right stuff for the stage. Should have stuck with it!

David,I was in London overlooking the Old Vic last week and they are doing a virtual Christmas performance sponsored by the Bank of Canada.

Gaffer, remember we've still got those tickets for Leopoldstadt in the bank.

One to look forward to when this is all over.


Later today I'll be buying a fine single malt and be tipping up a kindred toast to all in that one toast I've met here.

And all I met there.

And all who came and gone before unknown to me.

And remember.

And I, JK, will be raising a glass of Merlot in your direction to thank you for your many contributions to this blog!

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