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Thursday, 05 November 2020


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It's a mixed up, jumbled up, shook up world. The special relationship continues, but SoD now agrees with Nige and David has gone the opposite way. Nige is always highly entertaining, but it's disappointing Mr. Weasel Farage was not forthcoming about the bands he mentions having issued cease and desist orders for The Don playing their music:

And thanks, but don't worry David. This isn't any worse than the 2000 election, and we made it though that. Stupid electoral college.

Step away from the keyboard DD, before you type something even more ridiculous

Kind regards

I wonder who Kamala is going to pick as her VP?

I read the headline and thought it was about Bob. Oh well

The USA is now officially out of the Paris agreement. Biden has just promised to rejoin in u7 days. There must be money in it for him.

The US of A has a really stupid system of polling and they need to change it.
If they don't they will keep having this problem, senile old coots and buffoons. Silly!

Too too much obvious shenanigans has gone on.

Yes it appears unruly, untidy, undignified et cetera.

So it must be played out. To leave so much unsettled risks the very Republic.

Silly ol'man trying to get an audiance~~~
Keep climbing the stairway and
beware the fall gramps~~~
On Watch~~~
"Let's Roll"

P.S. Watching "Escape to the Country"
somewhere in the Midlands, like you 'Duff,
it's becoming famous for stinky cheeze~~~

"this ludicrous clown must go!"

You have seriously misread this man. Your caricature of him is just plain silly.

The author of that piece incidentally, can not in any way, be described as a "Trump fan." He's the one guy on Powerline who can be counted on to consistently deride our President.

And, for what it's worth, it's on that author's pieces that I most frequently comment.

In opposition.

The very same could have been said of Clinton.

We can't spare this man. He fights....

Should our Wokesters allow this up long enough, watching at least the segment the blog author's got up should be sufficient reason for anyone to understand why the fight must go to its bitter end.

Better still, watch the whole shebang.

Better to be dignified than to fight?
A recipe for eternal defeat.

The Dems never went, they bombarded the Don with a torrent of fakies: Russiagate, impeachment, none of which stuck.

But all of which deflected him from adding more to his long list of achievements.

In the courts, the senate, the house, and the streets, as my old Sergeant-Major used to say: "Maximum violence on the battlefield".

"Do not go gentle into this bad night".


Well, Mr Duff, you have certainly nailed your colours to the mast. Unfortunately, the mast is that of the USS Biden. So it all be your fault as far as this blog is concerned!

A taste of things to come - and resist ...

Harris is the details man, seen as a potential director of the new president’s National Economic Council, who helped shape plans including big tax rises on business. Of the $4 trillion in extra taxes originally pencilled in over the next decade, more than half comes from business, including the unwinding of half of Trump's corporation tax cut by taking the rate back to 28pc.

The "National Economic Council". Says it all.


When Uncle Sam votes himself a $4 trillion tax rise, you know you need to get on the boats and go and find a new continent to colonise. The tyranny of socialism finally caught up to you too.

Sadly there aren't any continents left to go colonise.

We could be waiting a long time for the USS Enterprise to boldly take us where many men have gone before, but this generation stopped us going: to a land of Liberty and freedom.

So it's no holds barred now, in the courts, the senate, and the house (God willing), and on the streets - no matter the price of link.


Freedom rests on four boxes:
soap box, ballot box, jury box and ammo box.
Do they want to have a civil war? Because this is how you get civil wars.
If the soap box is suppressed, and if the jury box doesn’t work, and the ballot box is rigged, what’s left?

I reckon Heels Up will choose Hilary Clinton as her VP. Then, after a reasonable period of time, Kammy will be found strangled, shot, stabbed, and poisoned. The DoJ will declare it suicide through depression over the pressure of ruining the country. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Never thought it would be CNN to cheer me up! ...

The rally reflects a sense of relief among investors that once all the votes are counted, neither party will have a stranglehold over Washington. Despite the twin economic and health crises gripping the United States, no blue wave (or red wave) arrived. Control of Congress is likely to be divided between Republicans and Democrats.

That means whether it's four more years of President Donald Trump or it's Joe Biden in the White House, policy changes are likely to be incremental, not sweeping. And that's a relief to investors, who prefer restraint over extremism.

Divided government, or "gridlock" in Wall Street parlance, is viewed as the best of both worlds by investors. Fiscal stimulus is likely still coming, just not as much had Democrats swept the election.

Isn't it funny how all the productive people in the world - the financiers, the industrialists, the information technologists, the people who make all the stuff and do all the services we need - all cheer up and get optimistic when government and the public sector is hobbled?

You'd think the peeps would pick up the message about the state versus the independent sector by now, wouldn't you?

Two and a half millennia since the first Libertarians started to elucidate the problem ...

... and the peeps still don't get it - and we've run out of continents to escape to for Liberty, as the means to kick the can down the road.

But now a lucky dice roll has landed us a stay of execution.

The good Lord must be sat up there slapping his forehead saying "FFS, why are these guys taking so long!"


It's not always clear whether you're trolling SoD, but over here Libertarianism has been tried and it's failed. Here's a specific example I have some personal knowledge of because one of my best friends lives in Colorado Springs:

"The Short, Unhappy Life of a Libertarian Paradise

The residents of Colorado Springs undertook a radical experiment in government. Here’s what they got."

It seems the left libertarian ideas survived in the form of drug legalization, but the right (economic) libertarian ones were reversed. The Gallup poll I linked a few days ago implies the same thing happening on a national scale.

Funny how the second Libertarian, aka a Republican, got the city right on track! ...

“We’re on a roll, big-time,” he says. The city’s unemployment is a vanishingly low 2.7 percent. Some 16,000 jobs have been created in the past 24 months—a pace that exceeds Bach’s lofty goals. Flights at the airport have increased nearly 50 percent from a year ago. And large projects have either opened recently—such as a National Cybersecurity Center that takes advantage of the defense ecosystem built up around the Air Force Academy—or will soon, like the U.S. Olympic Museum slated for 2018, a natural offshoot of the fact that Colorado Springs has been home to the U.S. Olympic Training Center for nearly 40 years.

Seems like the peeps chose the wrong Libertarian, then chose the right one.

Would it were so in Blighty that the choice was only between Libertarian A and Libertarian B, with no Dems / Labour Party! After just one douche-bag administration and you hit the jackpot - bloody marvellous! We've been swapping blue, yellow, and red socialists for 75 years and everything still sucks (barring one notable decade - no prizes).

If it stays that way I might consider moving there - where TF is Colorado Springs anyway? It even sounds nice. Any decent beer and long-legged, pert-breasted, high cheek-boned, inky-blinky Dahlinkies? Soccer team?


Bloody hell, Bob, the genes are looking good! ...

Right, I'm on my way to Heathrow, right now! ...

Oh sod it, bloody lockdown.


What you missed:

Suthers has gone to voters either proposing a new tax or asking to keep extra tax revenue. By overwhelming margins, he has now persuaded the supposedly anti-tax zealots of Colorado Springs to commit $250 million to new roads, $2 million to new park trails and as much as $12 million for new stormwater projects. ...

This is the larger lesson of Colorado Springs’ experiment: Ideas matter, but so do relationships. Colorado Springs remains fiscally conservative; on this score, there’s more agreement than not between elected officials and their constituents. But ideological consensus isn’t enough to overcome a lack of surrogates willing to advocate your policies when, even with the strongest mayor system, it’s not entirely up to you.

Society advances through sociological consensus, not political ideology.

Overall, the area's beautiful. We were there last year for my friend's second wedding and walked through some of the parks, including Garden of the Gods. However, there are quite a few factories that spoil the landscape. Since the city is located on the eastern slope of the Rockies, the weather keeps you guessing. During the summer my pal texted a picture of snow on the ground after the previous day had been 38C. He also complained about having to breathe smoke from the several wildfires nearby.

Btw, Like most American cities of any size, you can find a woman with nearly any kind of ethnic background. Whatever you mean, there's probably one there. My friend's wife if half Irish and half Mexican. She's quite pretty.

If you think the UK suffered under Trump's presidency, just wait to see what happens to you, and the rest of the world, while Biden and crew sell control of the US to China.

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