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Friday, 06 November 2020


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DD, it's a long way from over. It's not over until the Trumpeter says it's over!

Who knows? With the Dem's camp-followers, we may just have witnessed a latter-day "firing on Fort Sumter" - it seems apparent though, that the Dems have learned their electoral strategy from the example(s) set by Tower Hamlets.

Does any rational human being find it believable, for example, that suddenly hundreds of thousands of votes appeared in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia marked nearly 100% for Joe Biden? Not even the PRI (Mexican cartel-driven party) would have dared that on such a scale.
Rest of the articl below, (from gloaters - those who gloat at the downfall of a once great nation - will be too busy drawing caricatures of the man, instead of recognizing the loss to the world. Yes, the world.

Seeing the Democrats openly steal this election should come as no surprise. They have prepared this heist for the past four years since they failed in 2016--actually they have prepared this robbery for decades with their growing control over our basic institutions.

Looking back over the past few years, it all makes sense now. In no particular order, I offer:

the iron-clad refusal to have a voter id requirement;

the fake Russia collusion narrative;

the fake Ukraine collusion narrative and subsequent fake impeachment;

the relentless fake stories based on "anonymous" sources about this or that skulduggery by Trump;

the insistence that Trump accept the election result and commit to a "peaceful transfer" of power in January;

the Dems nominating barely awake corruptocrat Joe Biden as standard bearer;

the failure to run a real campaign--obviously not needed, and seen as a hindrance;

the massive well-coordinated censorship of anything that showed the massive corruption at the heart of the Democrat enterprise;

the grotesque exaggeration of the dangers of COVID-19 which required us to lock ourselves away, shut down our economy, and not vote in person;

the enormous and unjustifiable expansion of early voting and voting by mail;

the relentless, often violent, assault on our symbols, history, and identity as a nation;

the fake election polls that showed widespread support for the non-candidate;

the fierce opposition to filling a Supreme Court seat;

and, of course, a prog-dominated media empire that refused to call states for Trump while obviously waiting for word as to which states would get the strategic and massive vote dump at the last minute.

I am certain you can add to that list.

It all has all come together as we watch Donald Trump, the hardest working man in politics, win re-election, and then have it stolen from him by bogus vote counts. It seems hundreds of thousands of Democrat votes just suddenly appear at 4 am. Funny how that happens in key swing states.

We have witnessed an outrage beyond all known political outrages in our history.

I remember, many years ago while in Latin America, laughing about Mexico's elections. At the time Mexico came under the rule of the PRI, perhaps the most successful political party in all history. I recall, in particular, one account coming from a small Mexican town in which the opposition candidate received not one vote; it would seem that neither he, his wife, his parents, nor his children had "voted" for him. Now, my country has reached and even exceeded PRI-levels of fraudulent elections.

Does any rational human being find it believable, for example, that suddenly hundreds of thousands of votes appeared in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia marked nearly 100% for Joe Biden? Not even the PRI would have dared that on such a scale.

What comes next? I don't know. Can Trump save the Republic? I don't know. Will we get hand recounts? Re-dos? Will the election get thrown to the Supreme Court? Go to the House of Representatives?

By the way, on that last scenario, I hear Speaker Nancy Pelosi boldly announcing that the House stands ready to resolve the election. Has she actually read the Constitution, not that that document matters much these days, and the role it assigns the House in case of a disputed election? She seems under the impression, as are other Democrats I have heard, that the Representatives would vote to elect a President--and since the Dems have a majority in the House . . .. She and they need to read how the Constitution actually describes that process: If followed, Trump would win. Read it.

Anyhow, this is all a disgrace. The legitimacy of our institutions is shot.

Some wag, I can't remember whom, famously noted that, "Decline is a choice." That seems, perhaps, perhaps, to have been the prog choice forced on us on November 3. If they get away with it, we might be seeing the death-throes of our 250-year great experiment as a Constitutional republic, a situation brought on by the apparent triumph of the radical left over the will of the people. I look at my grandchildren and wonder what sort of world we have left them. I won't have to live it in much longer, but they will.

A good summary Dave B

Dave Bagwill,

Thanks Whitehall - I've read Malcolm for a few years now. And your comments over there also :-)

Speaking of Malcolm, he posted this from Kipling:

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

It takes conservatives a long time to get all 'het up'. This is that time.

Even if Mr. T loses his court case, I doubt he'll go away. He's got a large and enthusiastic following and deep pockets.
He'll be campaigning for years.

What are the rules and regs regarding a second term in the US? A second term doesn't have to be consecutive, does it, so the Don can go again in the next election?

On the basis this administration is going to be a hobbled cluster for whoever gets it, hand the shit sandwich to the oppo and let the hunger be your driving force.

Has any president ever had two non-consecutive terms? Winston Churchill did it in the UK. Be the greatest badge of "come back kiddery" in US political history.

By George and all the Saints, that'd be something!


President Grover Cleveland, 1885 and 1893 ...,1889%20and%201893-1897).

Well, looky here ...

Cleveland vigorously pursued a policy barring special favors to any economic group. Vetoing a bill to appropriate $10,000 to distribute seed grain among drought-stricken farmers in Texas, he wrote: “Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character. . . . ”

Sounds like Colorado Springs Libertarianism was doing rather well for the Dems back in the late 19th century, eh Bob?


Including the House and state legislatures:

Charlie Kirk
Trump had a red wave all across America...except in four cities that are deciding the entire presidential race. Why?

SoD, you remember that Brexit thing y'all did four and a half years ago? Keep a sharp eye out. It may not be nixed by frontal assault but the same forces that seem to be getting away with this "election" over here are the very same forces that have no intention of allowing Brexit to go forward in any real form. It will be a symbol of the peeps' voice but that little matter will be undone in fairly short order. 2016 angered the globalists and they are striking back.


Charles Koch is one of America's most well known Libertarians:

This is a clip his foundation funded:

"Trump’s not the problem. He’s a symbol of 4 bigger issues"

In Colorado Springs the answer wasn't libertarianism. It was better communicating the need for government activity.

No wonder you've rounded on that anomalous video, Bob. It's one of the most anti-Libertarian I've ever watched!

It's suggesting that the solution to misguided anti-immigration and anti-globalisation ideas, and the conflict enhancing use of social media, is best resolved by banning it all, like Japan: near zero immigration, constrained globalisation, and minimalist social media. A very authoritarian solution!

And it keeps referencing the people's desire to have the government do something for them which they're not getting as a self-evident reasonable baseline for all the problems in the world. Hardly Libertarian, is it?

Whereas, a Libertarian would say, "Let 'em roll! When people meet, either through immigration, globalisation, or social media, the clash of cultural and social conflicts all get fought out and resolved, like the incursions by Rome and Barbarians of old into each others' territories that left swathes of Barbarianised Romans and Romanised Barbarians in their paths, and in the end, a best of both worlds people landscape in Europe. Face the music and don't hold back, in time the globalised world will settle. Whereas Japan will be stuck in its authoritarian time-warp. In the end, Japan will simply be out-competed culturally, economically and politically by the joined up mass of the rest of world."

The article is as out of place as a very out of place thing. An authoritarian rant in a Libertarian host, in other words, right up your strasse, no wonder you warmed to it.



Though the Koch Foundation has lived up to its "free mind" obligation, the Libertarian experiment has been run in America and has failed. Stay tuned to see what comes next.

Don't think so, Bob. Biden can only fail now for sure, and he probably would've anyway.

In that failure will come an enormous backlash on top of the 50% who already don't want leftism and statism.

With hindsight of knowing the narrowness of the result, this is the election that no pol or party mindful of their future trajectory would want to win.

The definitive example of a poisoned chalice.



Nice that you're sure about what's going to happen. I can imagine a scenario in which Biden is something like Ford and a well-meaning failure, but the situation isn't all that similar. If the 50% who don't want leftism (as you think of it) also don't want neo-liberal anti-working class government, I'm not quite sure where that will lead.

There will almost certainly be a war in the Republican party between working class Trumpateers and the Lincoln Project Republicans and their corporate donor base. In the mean time, can you give me any winning lottery numbers?

Old Harold Wilson was PM before Heath and then again after Heath.


Here's an example that contradicts your oversimplified view of the election. Trump won Florida and Republicans did well in most other offices. However, Amendment 2 for a $15 minimum wage also passed. It was part of Bernie Sanders' campaign platform:,_$15_Minimum_Wage_Initiative_(2020)

"Let me ask you: Do you really believe that the Democratic Party and the mainstream media that weaponized the police powers of the state against their enemies and spread the seditious Russiagate lie would not commit systemic voter fraud against a president and Republicans they think are fascists? I would put the odds of that happening somewhere between 99.99 percent and 100 percent. "

It's all George Washington's fault.

I've read at that site for many a year but haven't read there for weeks until just now - which, it seems now, just now was just as well.

I never commented there or emailed the guy; our "meeting" each other only occuring as an accident of the way things were (at the time). [He'd done a Freedom Of Information Act to get "his info" and I'd got short-strawed to explain, as best as I was able why, despite the obvious civil rights intrusion, he should just consider it "an inconvenience" since, obviously, he'd never had to resort to the expense of hiring legal representation.

But that was in a previous Era.

Now though, at the risk of the quite obvious melodrama, I detect a serious disruption in the Force. Until it isn't "mellow."

RIP US Constitution

September 1787 - November 2020

Looks like two or three of the Don's major achievements will come under threat with Biden and Harris ...

They favour rapprochement with Iran, in spite of the Mad Mullahs cowering in their air raid shelters not wishing to be sliced and spliced by an R9X and hemmed in by sanctions, the Don's successful legacy.

They favour harshness with Dirty Erdy, in spite of him doing the dirty work fronting and containing Putin in Syria, Libya, and Nagorno/Karabakh and leaving the Kurds alone, in exchange for a slice of borderland in North East Kurdland.

The failure of Obama's ill-fated strategy in Syria, trying to run the Islamists as some kind of democratic worthy faction, has spawned further poor strategic thinking in his successors. The best way to run Islamists and smash them into Assad and Vlad is via another Islamist. That way you get to keep Vlad believing he's your friend, when really you're pulling the strings of his downfall behind the scenes. And you get effective management of the "smashing into" process with no effort required or embarrassing blow-back when the Islamists do what Islamists do: head-cutting etc.

Biden and Harris also want to tamper with the Saudi relationship which has seen the Saudis ditch the Islamist crown in favour of Dirty Erdy (who chucks the Islamists as cannon fodder into Assad and Vlad's meat grinder, as said) and move closer into the West's orbit, and seen the Saudis growing rapprochement with Israel.

Biden and Harris profess admiration for the Israel-UAE/Bahrain peace deal brokered by the Don, but will their Left Axis string pullers let them ditch the whingeing and bluff-called Palestinians, the darling cause celebre of the Left, and forge ahead with other Arab nations?

These great strategic gains by the Don will be sorely missed if they are undone. A huuuuggggeeee distraction and guerilla war is required to hamper Biden Harris every moment of the next four years. The gains can be easily restored in 2024.


"A huuuuggggeeee distraction and guerilla war is required to hamper Biden Harris every moment of the next four years." It will only take two years.

On a military site somewhere, a veteran wrote that 'nobody does an insurgency like an American.'

Bloody right, Whiters, and don't we know it you bloody splitters!

"Now go do, that voodoo, that you do, sooooooo weeeellllll!" ...


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