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Tuesday, 03 November 2020


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Same old thing. We hired Trump, not because we liked him, but to keep HER out of power. We were sick and tired of Establishment Republicans who won't fight but take pride in losing graciously. Enough! In Trump, we dodged Her but got not only a fighter but a Patriot. That has unnerved the DC Establishment, the media and the Dems plus as a bonus, the global governing class. Some governments around the world have begun to fear their people and that's a good thing!

We currently have a Constitutional Republic, if we can keep it. That question is now in doubt because our opposition is on the other side. It took Trump to expose them and their allies.

He is the first leader since Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to show two things; that you can deregulate; and that you can dramatically reduce taxes. And that both will make an economy more competitive.

He also put the last nail in the coffin of a Republican party that's fiscally conservative by adding 4 Trillion to the national debt before the covid emergency spending:

"Measured as a fraction of the economy, we have had deficits as large or larger in the past as in the first three years of the Trump administration. But those were generally in times of recession or crisis," Hoyt Bleakley, a professor of economics at the University of Michigan, told Newsweek.

"And, in those cases, the expanding economy tended to shrink the deficit. In contrast, the deficit increased as a fraction of the economy in the first three years under Trump, in spite of strong economic growth. That is quite unusual," he said."

Working people got some crumbs, but most of the debt was caused by a big tax cut for the rich and corporations. And even the National Review isn't impressed with the deregulation effort:

"The hoped-for transformation of the administrative state is nowhere to be found. The administration has continued to speak of its deregulatory efforts as revolutionary, but it has never really pushed a positive vision of what a reformed regulatory system should look like."

Trump's real accomplishment is raising the amount of exaggeration, division, vulgarity and dishonesty in American politics. To give credit where due, that is a yuuuge feat.

Bob, you're obviously over anxious for your share of the Biden Trunalimunumaprzure. I hope you like it.

Lots of Bob's Buds leaving comments on that one.

They seem a little, oh I dunno, maybe 'down in the chops'?

There is no logic to voting against Trump because, in a very real sense, the vote is not about him or Biden, it's a vote about America.
One side calls America evil, teaches that poison in grade schools and above, and works the media to promote that idea.
The Left has been pushing this agenda. If you believe in the basic evil of America, it would be a waste of time presenting you with facts. You're gripped by a narrative.

The caricatures of Trump that I read in various Leftist threads and publications, are usually no more than mind-reading: We know what he did, and it may look like a good thing, but we know the real reason is he's a __________________. (Bigot, bully, insensitive, homophobe, Islamaphobe - ad nauseum).
Fine. Believe what you will, I don't care. What I do care about is freedom, for building up family life of all the races, for flourishing for ALL, freedom to worship and freedom of free speech, freedom to defend myself - all things that many elements of the Left are against.
Look, I'm going sit down with a good cigar (CAO Flathead 660) and glass
of the good stuff (Knob Creek Whisky) and my good friend Jim, in the garden, then we will join the wimmins to watch the fate of the free world. I don't have any idea which way it is going to go.
God Bless America.

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