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Sunday, 15 November 2020


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SoD, a quibble: it is the Yank Speccie. Kindly omit the 'ee'. The Libertarian party over here may be a bit different. Libertarians are the best unpaid ally the CommieCrat left has ever had. No matter what, the US is a 49-49 nation and has been for over 20 years. Bad policy about to be vomited forth the "Pres" Biden's handlers may tip that scale over the next 5 years.

"from" not 'the'.

Yank Speccie it is, Whiters! Yank or Yankee isn't a derogatory word is it? It certainly isn't here, it's one of affection.

Bad policy, swamp refilling, Brit-bashing, terrorist emboldenment, wokery, it can all be reversed. Keeping the senate with the Goppers would lame-duck most of it anyway.

Not sure what the word on the ground is about the senate just now?


SoD 'Yankee' is only derogatory traditionally in the American South where I am from. 'Yank' is always fine. Georgia is traditionally Red for the most part and that is where the two Senate candidates are in a run off election Jan. 5. The Dems and their dirty dealers will try to pull out a win on both with "any means necessary" as they did nationally. This time though, the RNC have their full forces in Ga and we have the better candidates. No holds barred this time.

Oh heavens. Trump is such a victim of the all-powerful left-MSM! Dov Fischer goes to the head of the class of whiny wingnuts. No one is trying to stop The Don from filing frivolous lawsuits. He's been doing it all his life and no one even expects him to stop now. Likewise, it's equally fair for the Biden team to send lawyers to argue against them, and for the rest of us to have a good laugh.

Adding to the hijinks: Reality show lawyer and Borat moviefilm star Rudy Giuliani has taken over the legal effort because the former character has been put out of play by covid. And he's just one of a cast of hundreds to get sick in White House-related cases since September. You just couldn't make this stuff up.

So sure, let's try Ayn Rand's cheap, methamphetamine fueled, horribly written potboilers as a basis for ruining running America. It seems we've tried almost everything else. Not that you Brits have anything to be smug about, SoD.

Bob, we are pretty smug about our NHS and welfare benefits for the disabled. Our veterans are now being better looked after under Tory government. I hope your Irish Joe Biden is going to insist that the NATO members still pay their agreed share. You Yanks were taken to the cleaners by them except the UK.


The whole point of the US push for NATO was to build a more united Europe. Because, you see, we got tired of being dragged into your endless spats. We thought the investment would pay off in lower war costs and contain communism. We weren't necessarily worried about everyone paying up, because you people were at something of a disadvantage at the time.

The UK hasn't exactly helped the cause lately, though we're glad you're current on your membership fees. Most of us are also glad your NHS and welfare, veterans, and disabled benefits are working. I hope someday our country will return to the same type of priorities.

Bob, I'm sure Europe today would probably respond that they are tired of US dragging them into our endless wars?

Apart from starving and dehydrating to death 10,000 elderly and vulnerable people to death every year, £4bn in negligence claims and legal costs every year (4% of turnover negligent), and having just massacred 60,000 Brits in one hit, we're smug about our NHS, eh, Jimmy?

A model for the US, eh Bob?

Indoctrination. Brainwashing. Delusion.



You're probably right. They're probably also tired of being harassed by our media and state dept. when they refuse to go along.


Sorry, you're not special:

"Compared to peer nations, the U.S. has among the highest number of hospitalizations from preventable causes and the highest rate of avoidable deaths."

And depending on which estimate you choose to believe, up to 100,000 Americans have needlessly died of covid.

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