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Friday, 13 November 2020


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The lady [?] seems to have Boris by the short and curlies and I'm not sure that's a good thing for the UK.

A PM needs to have an advisor with whom he is not romantically connected in all connotations of the connection and who will give pertinent independent advice.

Let us hope for the sake of the UK she is not a modern day Messalina.

AussieD, it is looking like my country will have to succumb to the wishes of sleepy Irish Joe just like we had to do after Suez.

Jeez, you guys, tiptoeing through the tulips! It's A FARCE! A SHITSHOW!

A pair of gobshites, with no track record whatsoever of operating so much as a whelkstall in a competitive market, one unelected and the other with demonstrable criminal negligence and incompetence, are running the country.

What would happen if you put these two foetus-brained turnips in charge of a FTSE 100 company for a period of 5 years? The company would be wiped out by the competition and bankrupted.

What is wrong with everyone?

Blighty is the laughing stock of the world, the Venezuela of Europe, the Covid failure of the West, and you're wondering about the "seemers", whether the "lady" is or isn't something she has never been.

And the opposition is worse than this, if it is possible to even imagine it.

Blighty's utter self-delusion is gob-smacking.


Cracking headline though Gaffer, you're definitely back on form!


If the trend continues, SoD was right all along:

Great headline if you pick up on the reference. Most wouldn’tt have a clue.
Carrie whateverhernameis is going to have some influence. Why that makes her less worthy than Don Cummings, also unelected, I have no idea.

I used to doubt Bob in all his wonders but now I'm a firm Believer.

I've seen with my own eyes. Heard with my own ears there is eternal live in my near future.

And I come evangelizing to y'all too.

Thouest must be born into this world and though, you may dwell amongst the heathen for a spell believing yourself Independent

Thou willest enter that final state which is Eternal Life voting Democrat.

Didst Bob not come before telling you thus of 'sky fairies' and instead prophesy a Heaven beyond Annihilation?

Well that's it Ladies and Gents, Eternal Life is thus

Live thou life as if youest enjoy a choice but die-est and discover you' have, and will Eternally; be voting for Joe Biden.

Corn Pop has declareth thus so and, knowing the count of the hairs on thy legs, even those legs that have been shaveth; Bob in Corn Pop's holy name assureshes us thusly

Believeth not in death certificates and instead of mere faith place your certitude in the Democrat roll kept up Yonder.


Yea, though I cast out Republicans I do not either believe in Democrats. Both are neither hot nor cold, but private institutions intent only on perpetuating themselves forever and ever. Think for your friggin' self.


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