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Sunday, 22 November 2020


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David, did you get the 'Stoppard' piece in your email?

Or, John Cleese on a 'transgender' comedy bit.

Whiters, yes indeed I did receive your 'Stoppard piece' and I replied by e-mail thusly:

"Thanks, Robert, as you may have inferred over the years of 'D&N', Stoppard - or at least his writing - has been an enormous influence on me. Alas, none of his enormous talent quite reached me!

Bloody Pony Express, you just can't rely on it any more!

G'day All.

Knowing your admiration of the Paddies Duffers you may like this.

AussieD, I enjoyed reading the link. The truth is the British know exactly the Irish mindset as did the Normans who invaded Ireland. The article ommits the Irish Catholic connection with Nazi support and anti semitism. To the credit of some Irish they oppose the EU dictatorship. The Irish elite fought a dirty war against the British for independence then sold their nation out to the EU as my country is attempting to do.

You're jaded, David, but maybe this will help. You might not like trad jazz or the French or weirdo musicians, but if you can't find anything to like about this, even with the sound off, you might already be dead:

Bob, The bit of skirt reminded me Cleo Laine.

" ... because there is bugger all happening!"

Not precisely David. Look to your south southeast. Over the horizon.


Cleo Laine has a great voice and class act.

Here is something different. I have lived here for 32 years and never knew this: It's Repudiation Day in @FrederickCoMD! On Nov 23rd, we recognize of the repudiation of the Stamp Act by 12 local judges. This act of defiance against the British predates the Boston Tea Party by 8 years & is believed to have stoked the flames of Revolution

Second segment - naming Biden's team, pay close attention to his foreign policy picks.

Hope the UK has a bunch of troops immediately available because it sure looks like forever war! And of course we'll be depending on our allies ...

Off topic and surprised msm hasn't jumped all over it. Or they may have and just missed it.

Lauren Boebert, owner of Shooters cafe in Rifle, Colorado and dubbed; Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol.

Uppers, she might be what we call "stacked and packed". It's a term of endearment.

Tried to nik a pik of her staff, they also open carry.

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