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Monday, 16 November 2020


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Right on, Gaffer.

Vlad's going to want to have another pop at us post-Brexit and with Biden in the WH, to see how the West's solidarity land lies, a la Salisbury. He tested the Don's metal and got 100+ diplomats chucked out and a top-up in sanctions for his efforts. You could tell all the wobbly NATO members and Russophiles by the low number of diplomats thrown out: Austria threw out none, for example.

Vlad's nuked us (Polonium) and chemed us (Novichok), maybe he'll try biological weapons next time like the Chinese?

How switched on and prepared are the foetus-brained turnips running the country, like BoJo, Princess Nut Nuts, and Ben Who? (the gaff prone defence secretary) for that, do you think?

Sitting comfortably are we?


"Today, can we depend on 'good ol' Joe Biden if Russian push comes to shove? Well, yes, probably ... possibly."

If all goes well with the fight against fraud, you won't have to worry about 'good ol' Joe. Just that guy who tweets mean stuff and makes the world run better.

There is no guarantee in any treaty. Nation States act in their own best interest and if that interest also includes a treaty obligation then the treaty is acted upon.

To rely on another Nation State to look after you is delusional in the extreme. Politicians mostly work in their own interest and frequently contrary to the desires of the population.

Cynical? Perhaps.

The UK should leave the EU and then inspire the remaining subservient EU state's to find and get their former dignity.

Wasn't too dignified in 1975 Blighty: dirty man of Europe, bailed out by the IMF, 27% inflation, 3 million unemployed hidden in fake jobs.

The PIGS know they'd fare no better outside the single market, four freedoms, and state aid rules than Blighty did in '75 - and we're about to give them an encore "pour discourager less autres"!

For the dignity of the EU states and unity of the EU, Brexit has been a boon.

Only if Blighty does Singapore-on-Thames, and thereby sets the world alight with $100,000 per capita GDP, would we tempt anyone else out of the EU.

And that ain't gonna happen.


"All probably true but just how much faith do we really have in the so-called 'Western Alliance'? Would France and Germany stand by us should we be threatened directly by Russia? 'Maybe, baby'!"

And then there's the whole of AussieD's comment:

Of course there are the EU-centric concerns of Anders Aslund that might - evidence to the contrary being smartly dispensed with and or ignored out of hand - be taken into consideration.

The Euros seem to be luvin' it these days ...


Loz, sadly you equate life in monetary terms. We should just give in to the srongest! We have seen off the Spaniards the Frogs, Napoleon the Kaiser, Adolf and the Argies. Just Irish Joe Biden next Bob's,friend! The Russkies are now due to build another military base in Africa, how will sleepy paddy Biden react to that.


I saw Joe the other day and asked him about that. With a merry twinkle in his eye he said, "I'm going to wash down a potato with six stouts then take a nap."

If it were in the interests of EU member states to defend us against Russia or another aggressor, they would do so. That's the case regardless of whether they are in a customs union with us. Leaving the EU is hardly likely to make us more vulnerable to external attack. Except, perhaps, the flotilla of little rubber boats full of Middle Eastern and African mercenaries which France allows to be sent against our southern flank.

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