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Wednesday, 04 November 2020


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So far it's looking pretty good for Trump and the Rs to hold the Senate but more counting continues today in major battleground states where Trump still leads. This is where those mail in ballots come in as a "just in case". Dems need these for the fraud phase and court challenges. Fraud has been their game plan all along and they and their conspiring allies- networks, tech platforms etc- need this fall back because if there is four more years of Trump, then all these conspirators and cover ups from the last four years are going to be exposed and will go down hard. The Left is fighting for its political life right now. Anything can happen.

From what I can see, the Don's projected to win by 13 electoral college votes at this stage with 7 states still in the projection (2 Biden, 5 Trump).

But the Don can't afford to lose even one of his biggie 4 of the 5 he's projected to win - the ones that are 15 votes or more will swing it back to Biden and see you in court: MI 16, PA 20, NC 15, GA 16.

Good job the judicial body is packed with Goppers! Just waiting in reserve should the final ambush be necessary! ...


It will come down to the Courts for sure. It was always going to. That is where vote fraud takes you.

You guys evidently missed my comment that Trump had a decent chance to win. However, at this point Biden still has a chance because the mail-in ballots were mostly mailed in by Democrats, and huge numbers haven't been counted yet and might not be for a few more days.

That said, Trump's internal polling probably shows he's not going to win. That's based only on his whining about how unfair and disgraceful the election is and how he's going to sue.

Michigan swinging to Biden by just 16k votes, the Don set to lose by 3 electoral college votes!

See you in court!


Don't quit your programming job to be a pundit, SoD.

Busy last night with that van hire, Bob? ...

Must've weighed a tonne carrying that lot down from the attic ...


Things are a long way from over, even in Arizona. Things are so uncertain that "even the looters don't know what to do". Wisconsin now has received more ballots than they have registered voters. Very odd.

This one's gonna go down to the wire Supreme Court.

So we should know finally! who won about, hmm, Christmas!

*Hint - Prepare some 'other subject-matter' posts Duff Enterprises staff!

Dammit I closed that!

Wait a sec while I deal with it!




How much for 50 rounds of 7.62mm link these days, JK?!

Bet you could sell up, cross the pond, and buy a mansion in Surrey!

Mind you: Brexit, Covid, an anti-Brit europhile in the WH, and BoJo with Smeagle as his right-hand man running the show - you might wanna fly over this cuckoo's nest and find somewhere with a future!


Before it's over you'll probably read in fine outlets such as Zero Hedge that metrosexual Antifa socialist Bilderberger Clinton Foundation goons stole Trump ballots to use as adult toys. And you should be skeptical.

It's odd how all the reliable blue states that have Dem governors managed to get all their ballots sorted and counted and reported last night/early this am without a hitch and no Russians! But the 3 battleground states where everyone knew to watch with their Dem governors somehow just couldn't pull it off. When Trump was leading last night and the Chinese Yuan tanked, boom! All three states halted counting until today. That means only one thing. Wait on the Biden mailed in ballots to be delivered from where ever they were stored and they were in Wi and Mi. Hundreds of thousands of them. Lawyers will have a field day, and Trump has some good ones.

I thought pantomime was a British institution . . .

"Before it's over you'll probably read in fine outlets such as"

Thanks Bob for bringing home Indiana.

We've always known you was a troll we just didn't clue in to how troll you troll.

An historic Pelosi (befitting San Francisco) bowel movement.

Take a gander at that one Lawrence - seem credible to you?

That straight-line uptick in the blue vote looks seriously dodgy.

Must've been when Bob's van load of sleepy Joe falsies arrived!

I hope they at least gave you a full English for working the night shift, Bob!


I can't stop staring at that straight-line step uptick in JK's link.

With my Karl Popper falsification hat on I just can't knock anything off the theory that it is blatant voter fraud.

At first I thought it was maybe the numbers came in for that hour in the usual two batches - one Biden and one Trump. The douche admin assistant only inputs the Biden number, result: an step uptick. But then you'd expect to see the Trump number come a couple of minutes later after the supervisor clips the douche round the ear and inputs the Trump number. But there is no Trump input.

Come on Bob, where were you last night? In other words, how do you explain that step uptick? Go the full Karl on me (Popper that is, not the other one) - falsify the theory that it was voter fraud with something else plausible!


This takes a lot of explaining away, Bob
Over to the lawyers...

Bloody hell, Michigan as well!

Have those Ford Transits got a ruddy turbo in them these days, Bob?! How'd you get over the Lake?


Michigan yes, but don't leave out Atlanta, Ga. All is quiet so far here in NC as court approved ballot counting continues but one never knows.

Fake late ballots for Biden dumped in "mailboxes, collection boxes, etc." and harvested by USPS pro-Dem workers and back-dated by them to 3rd November? ...

No need for dodgy looking Ford Transit vans rolling up in the middle of the night and walking them into the counting hall - just let the "legit" USPS Ford Transit vans do the heavy lifting in plain view!

Like that episode of bloody Ozarks, where Marty's bringing the cash to be laundered into his Casino using the supposedly empty cash collection boxes!

Is that how you did it Bob?


Trump had a 10% advantage in Indiana. That means the Dem base wasn't as exited as they were about Obama, who won Indiana in 2007. Since it's more obvious Biden is a boring centrist, it's no surprise.

The accusations of fraud and illegality being thrown around by Team Trump are just boring. Remember he claimed there was fraud in the election he won, and something like 5 million illegal residents voted. A commission he set up as political Kubuki found nothing and was shut down without comment. He knows how to play the right like a fiddle.

I am not allowed to disclose my whereabouts during the election. They are "need to know".

"Lift that bale, tote that barge". Swallow that Blue Pill.

"That means the Dem base wasn't as exited as they were about Obama, who won Indiana in 2007."

Freudian slip there Bob? Showing a little leg there Bob?

Overexcited Bob?

Spotted you Bob! ...

You look younger than your years!


Trump holding two of his campaign team:

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