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Sunday, 06 December 2020


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G'day Duffers et al. At the moment these "war crimes" are allegations and are yet to be tested by trials in the civil jurisdiction if, and only if, there is sufficient evidence to put before a court.

The far too hasty reactions of senior Army brass and politicians was ill advised and has led to over reaction which smears all our Special Forces.

If there is sufficient evidence then prosecutions should follow. Guilt is another thing and needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt.
war crimes

"...I hope and trust that the Australian authorities will act with care!.."

Some hope! Have any authorites anywhere ever acted with care? or sense? or wisdom?

I guess Phil Shiner ( will be re-opening Public Interest Lawyers in Oz.

Good link Whitewall. The Lawyers work on the three principles. 1. Make money. 2. Destroy the lives of soldiers. 3. Make money.

Jimmy, thanks. You caught the term "lawfare" I take it? Western militaries conduct warfare, sometimes to win. Our enemies seem invariably to be Eastern. They use Western laws and rules of war against us because of the negative impact at home with sympathetic media and pols. Too often condemnation comes before the truth comes out.

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